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One Year Later…

My lady and I celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary in San Francisco. So we decided to spend some time around Haight and thrifted about. I found something that would fit in perfectly in my wardrobe, and replace my poor fitting A-2. It was an 80s Schott A-2, with removable fur collar and vest lining. Fuck… Guess I gotta back back soon.
Anyways. A couple of pics I took.
Drinking water waiting for the bus.

W+H Peacoat, which had no use, AT ALL… The weather was wild. Overcast, wind, and it was HUMID??? I hated it. Had to lug this coat around. And to top it all off, all the stores had their heaters on! Also wore a GAP shirt. Hey, it was only $20. Levis 514s, and Mario de Gerard Boots. Don’t ask me what the hell the boots are, they’re an ebay find.
Through out the day, I had A LOT of people smiling at my hair. Girls and guys. Guys mostly. But still… They loved the hair. And what can I say? Styled with Murray’s Superior, Sweet Georgia Brown, a little bit of Dax, and a few combings of Murray’s, to give it a little bit of extra support.


This lady was crazy. Yeah, I get it… There are a shit ton of germs while thrifting… But guess what, YOU’RE ON HAIGHT STREET! THERE ARE GERMS EVERYWHERE! She might as well have had on latex gloves on. That would’ve made more sense to me. The gas mask had to be pink.


Lately, I haven’t really noticed how stores styled their mannequins. But this one realllllly caught my attention… Wanting to look for some cool-clothes for my kid, we took a trip down to H&M. And this mannequin set up really bugged me… Take a look. This is for kids. DO YOU SEE HOW TIGHT THOSE JEANS ARE??? I’ll admit, I’ve worn slim-fitting jeans, sized down on a few. But I’ve never worn SKINNY jeans. As a joke at a store, yeah. But never have I owned a pair of skinny jeans. Now, they have the boys mannequin styled up looking like a chick. I’m sorry. I’m all for androgyny, especially when it comes to singing, but to have a little boy dressing like a little girl… Kind of wild. Not into it, at all. Yeah, it’s “cool,” but guess what. So is being a boy. You know you see the average hipster in The Mission wearing outfits like these. Most of them being girls. I don’t know what else to say, this is just too much.

The Lady at First Crush

My lady was the one who made the reservations for dinner that night. She chose to eat at First Crush. The place is nicely lit, for a romantic evening. We came an hour early, cuz hell, we were hungry. Sat at our table, and got some questionable looks from the “upper crust” folk inside. The service was poor. The waiter asked my lady if she would like to start off with a drink, and didn’t ask me. I wanted to get the absinthe daddy-o! He never came to check up on us, as he would everyone else. Even the guy who had oysters, BY HIMSELF, had at least 4 different people waiting on him. Obviously, this is one of those places that judge you by your cover. There is only one other place that I’ve had such bad service at. And that was BJ’s. Yeah. If a restaurant of this “caliber” has service of BJ’s, that’s pretty fuckin shitty. Not only that, I had the be b-lined to some snooty lady, who had her nose up in the air, the whole time we were eating.
Unluckily, for me, I have food allergies. And most places like these, I’m allergic to over half the menu. And rather than insult the way they do their dishes, I’ll stick with what I can eat. So, I got a kobe burger. My lady had the halibut. As soon as our food came, the table with the “upper crust” family and snooty lady all turn around and look. What are you looking at? It’s on the goddamn menu fool! The burger, wasn’t all that great. Tasty for the first few bites, but the last bite was the worst. I get my meats medium well, because I don’t like the blood. Sorry. The last bite was straight up burnt meat. I understand kobe beef, so don’t judge me that I like my meat a certain way!
After dinner, I decided to make a few snooty comments, so the finest of San Francisco can have a legitimate reason to judge me. Just some nothings about them wearing rubber soled shoes, rather than leather, and not understanding quality, and still spilling crumbs like the rest of us. Even though they did have their pinkies in the air! (end rant.)

Afterwards, since we somehow managed to skip Ameoba completely on Haight, we headed to Rasputins. I haven’t stepped foot in this place for at least 4 years. But, they had what I wanted.

This bag was greasy. Kind of odd.


Guess what. I enjoyed the Buddy Holly Story. AS A MOVIE. Not as a literal translation, but as Gary Busey pre-senility. I enjoy it, so suck it. But I think the person who played The Big Bopper, was more correct than anything else in the movie.

A l

A Federal Offense

Someone HAD to get something back from the mailbox.

A long day behind us, I came home to some goodies.


Layrite, another tin of Sweet Georgia Brown, Deluxe, and some Royal Flush shampoo.
Originally I had planned to try out the Deluxe before the Layrite, but since the Deluxe is a wax, it’ll have to wait.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed my little rants. I’ll have a short review up about the Layrite this week.

Until then, stay greasy and pomp hard.

1954 On The Waterfront.

Not much to really say about this movie. Other than I need to find the DVD as soon as possible, so I can watch it again…

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando. On The Waterfront.

 I originally saw this picture in a book, Rebel Style. And not until I seen the movie, did I realize what was around his neck. I always thought it was a corn cob pipe.

Marlon Brando & crew. On The Waterfront.

Marlon Brando & crew. On The Waterfront.

As it were in the movie, Marlon Brando stood alone, with everyone else at his back.

Marlon Brando & Eva Saint Marie

Marlon Brando & Eva Saint Marie. On The Waterfront.

This jacket was killer. It doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to find a jacket like this for the last 5 years. A member from Superfuture has a buffalo plaid jacket, simlar to the one Brando wore. But hers was from G-Star. Either way, it is a badass jacket…


Canice w/ buffalo plaid

Seeing this jacket again, makes me NEED to find one this winter…

Any my hunt continues…