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The Jonas Brothers Go Greasy…?

Awkwardly enough…

Whoever at Teen Vogue thought it was only fitting, that one of the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato got all dolled up 50s style.

I’m not a fan, and I do not know any other 20 something year old male, or any male for that matter, who is a fan of the Jonas Brothers. Hell, I wouldn’t WANT to know any male who’s a fan of them! Can you imagine a guy talking about how big of a fan he is, of the Jonas Brothers? I don’t think so. I’m not judging, but that’s some fucked up shit.

Of course, all the little girls on tumblr are going gaga over these pictures. But one thing you ladies need to understand, is that greasers are men! Not little boys who sip lattes. I highly doubt that these guys have done any labor work in their lives. But hey, I wouldn’t know, I know nothing about these guys. If you readers are fans, by all means… Be offended.

Lookin "tough" with that Triumph!

Ya’ll think he’s even ridden this thing down the block? Going at least 40? No? Thought so…

Now he's getting down and dirty at the shop!

And by that, I mean when he put on the coveralls. He must’ve felt tough putting one on.

Air brushed muscles?

Looks like it.

Girls, are you gonna nickname him "Soda Pop" now?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did… But that name belongs to Rob Lowe! Like how hard he’s working? His hands are so sweaty, he needs the bandana to help him grip the crate. But wait, where’s the sweat???

Do not fret! He isn’t the only Jonas that’s gone greasy!

Hair all greasy with his white tee and leathers and all...

Love the photoshopped shadow. He has to look like he has a pomapdour.

What happened to his non Jewish ethnicity, Jew-Fro?

Being the two less pretentious Jonas out there, they’re still pretty goofy. And by goofy I mean awkward as fuck.

One last photo, I promise. And this time, I mean it.

Maybe he's looking for the tourbus to roll up, so he can leave that "dirty" place.

Or maybe he’s waiting for the stretch Hummer. Because then at least he’ll be sitting on the inside, and not have to worry what’s actually on the inside of the vehicle itself.

 Jesus… What has the world come to ?

I’ll say this, the lady, Demi Lovato, is pretty decently styled up. Plus, she’s always been a looker, since she stopped singing on Barney… Sounds a little pedo…

Well, there you have it. The Jonas Brothers have gone greasy… What’s next? Are they going to star in a remake of Grease? Which one gets to play John Travolta? Can you guess which one will play Olivia Newton John?

I guess they’re signing out a contract to do some Elvis covers, and play along side with Jerry Lee Lewis.

I can’t wait for that pop Disney rockabilly! Luckily, they stick to dating girls within the Disney family. So we can only wait for some Disney star collaboration rockabilly! Don’t worry folks, I’ll update when these hep-cats put out a rockabilly album of their own!