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Pomade Review: High Life: Revisited

When I first got this stuff, I didn’t give it too much of a chance, since it was a wax. But I decided to give it one more chance…

Under the lid, it says “Get Greasy!” or some shit. This stuff is not greasy in any way (some like that.) But it also has no sheen at all. So this stuff won’t get me greasy man!

Applying this stuff through my palms, was a pain, and it did NOT spread in my hair evenly at all. It clumped up, and was a bitch. I tried to hot wet comb it, and it made it even worse. So I said fuck it, whipped out the blow dryer and melted this shit down. What else was I to do, I don’t want white crap in my hair!
Melted it down, let it settle down and cool down, and styled it up.
That’s the only way you’ll be able to use this stuff. No other way. And you have to apply it to dry hair, or else it will not come off your palms, AT ALL. Kind of a let down, as I prefer to apply pomades through damp hair.

Anyways. Playing around with styling it, and it does a pretty good job holding my hair in place and what not. But as a wax, I knew it would do what waxes do best. Attracted every little piece of lint and fiber floating around the air. So that was a pain in the ass. A nice full pomp, will easily be ruined with a few specks of lint. And that’s what this stuff does. Imagine going outside with it!

A day after and a morning shower, my hair was sort of flaky and gross looking. What did I have to use again? The blow dryer. Had to blow dry this stuff in, once again. And it wasn’t even an additional amount! It was the day before’s wax! Bummer.

I was thinking about the other High Life pomades were out there. They make something called Voodoo Brew. It’s a dark purple colored wax to prevent flaking. What people may or may not realize, it is to prevent the flaking from the product itself. Not to conceal and dandruff flakes. Not too sure how I’d feel to know that this pomade is made to conceal it’s true identity… Hmmmm…

All in all, it did pomp my hair real nicely. But factoring in the necessity of the blow dryer and the ridiculous flaking, this is probably 0ne of my least favorite pomade waxes out there. Not everyone has a blow dryer, and that’s the only way to get rid of these flakes. Would I, buy it again? Since my girlfriend owns a blow dryer… MAYBE… But since I don’t see myself using this often at all, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a decent amount to hold me off for a good year or three. Wax pomades, are just not my thing.

But here are a few pics of my hair to see how this stuff styles. It does a good job, but not buy a blow dryer just to use a wax pomade good of a job. I’d recommend this stuff for anyone who is a hair stylist, who is doing a shoot or something. Because; 1) They use blow dryers. 2) Too greasy looking of a pomade will mess with the shoot. 3) You can’t just use a gel for a a photo shoot, unless you want to be a herb. That’s all. Can’t really recommend this stuff for anyone really. Even blond folk will even have flakes! And if they use Voodoo Brew, they’d have black flakes! So there you have it. Probably one of the last postings about High Life.

So until then, enjoy or hate the pic.

Don’t mind the winking…

How to use certain pomades…

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog and read some of the pomade reviews, you’d know not all pomade is alike. I try to style my hair the exact same way with all of the different pomades, to give them all a leveled playing field… But there’s more to using pomade, than just putting it into your hair, slicking it with a comb, and styling it. Some pomades, HAVE to be styled using certain methods… And not all of the descriptions you find online, will tell you so.

Starting off with Murray’s. Since it’s the ever so popular and often misunderstood pomade.

With Murray’s it’s thick consistency is something people need to realize, when styling with it. Since it is so thick, you’d need to soften it up, somewhat. Originally, pomade tins were meant to be put into an oven and let melt. Nowadays the tins aren’t made from the same ones they used back when, so that method is a no no. But, with new inventions like the blow dryer and HOT WATER, we’ve made a step closer to making life with Murray’s that much easier…
Some people like to put it under the blow dryer for a good 30 seconds or so. It will really soften it up, making it easier to spread in your palms without having to put any effort into it. But I say, if you want this manly hairstyle, you’re gonna have to do some work! Working it into your palms ain’t that hard. And for most guys, we don’t own blow dryers. But if your lady has one, whip it out, shut the door and go to town.
The hot water method, I’ve read people actually putting the pomade directly under the faucet… I don’t like that. Why? You’re contaminating the pomade with water! Not the pomade that’s in your hair, but the supply! Sorry, I like my eggs and pancakes separate. You can just boil some water or run your faucet on hot until it gets extremely hot, and let your tin sit in it. The heat from the water will heat up the tin from the outside, making the insides cook. SH-BOOM. Case closed.

Light weight pomades, don’t need too much, since they’re light and soft enough. But, do not use too much. As I’ve said in my previous postings, the pomades strength and hold shouldn’t be judged by the amount you use. So if you have to use a whole lot of light pomades to style your hair, you might want to swtich it up and get with something a bit stronger.

Medium weight pomades, don’t need to be softened up or anything. Since they’re lighter than Murray’s, light enough to spread in your palms evenly without having to put too much or any effort in. So those pomades, Sweet Georgia Brown, DAX, Deluxe (more of a light weight, but I like to go by 3’s,) don’t need any special tips to using them.

Water soluble pomades like Grant’s or Layrite, do have needs. These pomades, are tricky. You think that since they are washable with just water, it’ll be hard to style them with a wet combing, right? Wrong. In order to have these gel like pomades work and move around like petrolatum based pomades, you have to wet comb. Or else your hair will just go stick straight and make your shield! Not into it, one bit.
They say to apply into your hair dry. I don’t prefer to do it that way, but if your hair is TOO damp, it’ll just comb right out. What you can do is wet comb your dry hair, just a few slicks, not too much, (Or else you’ll water your hair down too much.) and apply. You’ll need liberal amounts, so you can’t be cheap with this stuff. And, these two are the priciest pomades around.

Lastly, are the wax “pomades.” These pomades bug me. Why? They’re labeled as pomades but they’re straight up WAXES. These will clump in your hair right off the bat. So you’ll need to use a blow dryer to melt this stuff. If you try to wet comb with hot water, it’ll clump up even worse. So a blow dryer is the only way to go with these. But it you blow dry too much, it’ll make it too soft and you won’t be able to style until it’s slightly hardened.

So there you have it. My personal tips and tricks of the trade. Just because a pomade doesn’t style the way you want it the first time around, doesn’t mean that it’s a shitty pomade. You have to know how to specifically work each and every pomade. That’s why there’s so freakin many! If they all worked in the same way, then what’s the point?

Youtube videos will trick the new pompadour flaunting rockabilly. Simply because every persons who has a video on youtube, pretty much already have their hair prepped. They additional pomade they put it, is just going on top of a few day old layer of pomade. Which makes a huge difference when pomp’n. That’s why, if/when I ever make a video tutorial on how to pomp, I’ll do it from freshly washed, pomade free, dry hair.

As they say,

It ain’t easy bein greasy.

Pomp hard.