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Don’t Forget!

There’s the Booze, Broads, & Hot Rods show this weekend, by The Bombshells!

This is gonna be one hell of a night, so don’t miss it! You definitely don’t wanna miss these Wild Records artists, nor the lovely Ruby Champagne.

So come on out and buy me a beer or three!

I’m serious…

More Bay Area Rockabilly Shows.

With Viva Las Vegas 14 creeping up on us, it means everyone with an online shop is gonna be pushing sales, stick to their old college days diets, and start taking shots at home before heading out at night.

Though most of you monies will be going towards VLV14, you better not gamble it all away, because there are some crazy shows coming up right after!

Literally, a week after VLV, one crazy gig is gonna be hoppin’ with the Wild Records crew! This is definitely a show you wanna catch, if you’re in The Bay Area! Details here.

And a couple weeks later, The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers are saying farewell, for the time being (I hope.) This will┬ábe their last Bay Area show. You can bet everyone will be in their Sundays-best and be swingin’ the night away.

For more events, check out the Nor-Cal Rockabilly yahoo group.

See you all soon!