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Top 3 Ways To Wash Out Pomade.

When it comes to pomade, there’s a two way street: various ways of putting this shit in your hair and various ways of taking this shit out of your hair. Some are typical, many are funky. I mean funky! From vinegar and baking soda, to actual soda…yeah, everyone has their preference. You might use a family tradition or just need that state of mind of how your hair feels afterwards, regardless of product you use. Whatever method that’s out there, I’ve tried most of them. I’d say all, but I never tried peanut butter (because it’s the oils that breaks down the grease!) So, after many hours spent in the shower and money spent on random ingredients, here are my top 3 ways to washing out pomade!

3) Dax Removing Shampoo:

When it comes to “degreasing shampoos’” I’ve been very hesitant to try em out. Why? Because quite frankly, a lot of them do jack shit when washing out pomade! Many store bought shampoos are developed to wash out their own styling products, and most of those styling products don’t meet the expectations (FUCKIN GREASE) for the most of us. Fortunately, Dax Removing Shampoo is one of the few shampoos that actually cut the grease out and does it pretty damn well! I’ve only had to put this shampoo my hair twice (three times, at most) to thoroughly wash out a heavy pomade. And by thoroughly, I don’t mean any pomade residue left! Not too shabby! It’s definitely a treat to finally find a legitimate shampoo that gets the job done.

The reason this is number three, is because of the price and availability. Of course, you can buy it online, but not everyone likes to go that route, especially moi. Locally, it’s not that readily available – I’ve only came across 2-3 shops that had this shampoo and it was $10+/-. Since you won’t need to use heaping globs of it to wash your pomade out, and you probably won’t be using this on a day-to-day basis, having a bottle or two on hand will go a long way. So, if you do end up buying this, use it days you want to thoroughly wash your hair out, like the week you get a haircut or something. As it is, I don’t recommend washing your hair with a shampoo every day, anyways…

2) Suave’s Groom & Clean:

To the many people who suggested this stuff to me, I thank you. This is easily one of the best standalone products to cut the grease out. Not only does it cut out the grease, with ease, it’s also (first and foremost) a styling product, which surprisingly, styles really well.  It’s a greaseless, lightweight styling product, which will give you nice subtle pomps or killer slick backs. It’s also one of the few products that lets your hair effortlessly blend in. If you want a killer ducktail, try this stuff out! Not only are you cutting grease out of your hair, you’re also able to go out with your hair styled, all at the same time! Now you don’t have to be a hermit on your “off” days.

While I did say it’s one of the best standalone product to cut out pomade, it just barely falls short of being in the number one spot…

1) Olive Oil + Dish Soap.

[Do you really wanna see what kind of olive oil and dish soap I have? If so, go to Costco.]

Now, while the other products on the list make washing out pomade a breeze, there’s a very specific reason why this combo falls into the number one slot – everyone has it. When people scramble to find a can of soda to wash their hair, or say “fuck this peanut butter sandwich, I wanna wash my hair,” they look past some of the most basic components in their kitchen. I mean, look at your kitchen now, you know where your dish soap and olive oil is, don’t ya? While the oil in peanut butter will cut out grease, there’s no reason to opt. for a head of peanut butter, over a tablespoon of olive oil and a couple of lathers of dish soap. And no matter what people say, no, this shit ain’t bad for your hair! You ever see those commercials, where they use it to wash crude oil off of ducklings? If a baby duck won’t ruffle their feathers over dish soap, I’m pretty damn sure you’ll be alright using this stuff to degrease. *ba-dum-dum-TSH*

Well folks, there you have it, my top 3 ways to wash out pomade. I’ve heard em all and tried most of em, but don’t be afraid to share your ways with everyone, comment and share the wealth with others!

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard!