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1963 Tartans.

Here are a few flicks I took of my girlfriends, mothers yearbook. This is from Helix High School, in San Diego, from 1963.

Apparently someone is real cool, since they had a ’64 Mustang back in ’63.
What I’d do for a ’65-’66…

Cat Eyes and Beehives

The only eye wear the ladies were rockin’ were the cat eyes. You didn’t see any of em sporting the Wayfarers. And trust me, there are A TON of em wearing cat eyes. And a whole lot of em with big ol’ beehives. I just gotta find a good picture, that fits in the camera! A lot of their hair didn’t fit in their senior portraits!

Flat Top with Fenders.

More than a good couple handful of fellas had this cut. I wonder how many of them regretted it?

Best In Show.

Mr. Bob Friar and Ms. Cathy Brighton both won best hair… Now, I don’t see how he has the best hair. Now, I’m not saying a cat with a pomp or anything should’ve won it. But his hair is pretty bland. I guess he was one who frequented his barber often.

Which reminds me… It’s time for myself to have another haircut!

I’ll be taking a few more flicks from this year book. And it’ll surprise you, of who I think has the best hairstyle in the yearbook. If you can guess who it could possibly be, maybe I’ll give someone a prize. But it’s a tricky one!