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Upcoming Events.

Sorry for the lack of event flyers, folks. I tend to post up event flyers for ones I actually plan on attending. But as of late, I’ve been laying low and hermit crabbing on Friday/Saturday nights.

Summer is coming to an end, school will be back in session, but that doesn’t mean jack shit for rockabilly events! Some of the best ones happen AFTER summer!


I’ve stopped posting flyers for the Haight Street Hop, because it should’ve been embedded in your head, that it happens every first Friday of the month! But, they switched things up and now it’s every SECOND SATURDAY of the month.

To kick off the new change, there’s gonna be Burlesque Bingo! First of all, bingo? Hell yeah! I’ve won a good bingo game as a kid, so you can best bet that I’m gonna give you a run for your money!!! Second of all, burlesque babes??? Oh hell yes! And when you put the two together, along with some a lot of booze, you got yourself one hell of a Haight Street Hop! This is one that you definitely don’t want to miss!

This one is new to me, but it sounds amazing!

First of all, it’s in the Fillmore district. If you know the history of the Fillmore district musically and historically, you’ll know that this will be the place to be! A celebration for 100 years of San Francisco nightlife and fashion? If you ain’t comin’ in dapper, you ain’t comin’ correctly! I’m sure everyone will be in their best duds. Which makes me feel as if I should look for some new threads… Definitely will have the calender marked for this!

And of course…

The Bop! The lovely Bombshells always throw a great event. And every event I’ve gone to, at the 23 Club, has been rockin’! Throw the Chop Tops in there? This night is gonna be wild, loud, and just as good as the last one, if not better!

For more flyers for other Northern California Rockabilly events, click here.

Don’t Forget!

Forgot to post this one up.

Don’t forget about the Haight Street Hop, on every first Friday of the month!

This up coming Haight Street Hop will have a theme. With high school kids having prom around the corner, those little cunts will be sneaking in alcohol just to have a ball. So, why not have a prom for the folks who can do that shit legally?

Word is that there’s gonna be a photographer with a cheesy backdrop. If he’s there, I’m game. If not, I’m probably gonna get drunk anyways!

So swing on by and kick back with a $5 PBR and whiskey shot! The lovely ladies at The Wak Shack will be dolling up the gals and slicking back the fellas. For free! Plus, The Quarter Mile Combo will be jamming for this record hop, so why not!

And as always, BUY ME A BEER! (Just kidding but not really. For the most part, that is!)

See you all there!

The Haight Street Hop!

Ever since Rockabilly Fridays have come to an end at Retox, it’s left a lot of folks without their weekly record hop. While the ever so often shows are fun and all, we need some sort of regular event!

Sick of sitting at home with your hand down your pants? Maybe you’re tired off farting in the bathtub, laughing your ass off. Well, look no further folks. It seems like “Handsome” Hawk Valentine has given us an answer, to your lonely Friday night prayers…

Starting Friday March 4th, there’s gonna be a monthly Haight Street Hop, manned by Tanoa and Oran. FINALLY… Another place to get drunk on a Friday night! And if you cats haven’t noticed by now, I just love drinking on a Friday night!¬† Definitely beats going around hopping from bar to bar, only to be surrounded by bros. Definitely like oil and water with me. Just doesn’t mix well…

It’s going to be held at Milk Bar, which also houses a ton of other sorts of event nights. But if it’s good enough for reggae nights, then it’s good enough for rockabilly nights, then it’s good enough for me!

One thing I like about this new event, is that they’re really pushing for local merchants to come out. And when the locals come out to support such events, the longer they last. If only people frequented Retox more often…

From swing lessons from Justin from Slim Jenkins, a Pin Up contest and prizes by Dollhouse Bettie, to free hairstyling from the kind folks at the Wak Shack, this is gonna be one hell of an event! And yes, for you cats who don’t know how to pomp too well, they will be doing pompadours as well! But ya know… If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you should be doing it well by now ;)…

To top it all off… PBR + Whiskey (better be either Jameson, Wild Turkey, or good ol’ J.D.!!!,) is only $5! $20 and you’ll be nicely topped off.

So come on out, it’s gonna be a blast! But if you try and cut me off for parking, expect a flat tire.