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My Weekend In 5 Pics.

From running around all day Saturday, then being woken up too early on Superbowl Sunday, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty tired today. And I still have other errands to run today… So, I’m combining a few things I would usually post in individual posts and putting it all into one post.

I’ve been meaning to swing by Bay City Barbers for a while now. Just to check it out, maybe talk to Nicky The Barber who Derek from Self Edge and Mr. Ducktail have both recommended me to. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in. But, a customer sitting down was actually very helpful. If you got customers speaking on behalf on the shop, you know they must be doing something right. So we’ll see if I set up an appointment by VLV.

After a long morning in SF, it was time to eat. Headed back to San Mateo, to one of my favorite taquerias. I don’t drink soda, but man… Jarritos have been sounding good as of late. Second one of the year. Just waiting on our tacos.

My sister was in town and was driving around with my kid. My kid told her that she wanted to go do ballet, so my sister thought she would drive around, trying to find where she wanted to go. So they swung by and I got her a strawberry milk tea.

Just because one person is a bad driver, doesn’t mean you have to be… Funny enough, the car to the right of the white car, was going in and out of the spot, trying to straighten out… About 6 attempts… 3 cars, 3 shitty park jobs. I just had to snap a pic. The folks were inside of their cars.


At least some folks know how to drive! Spotted a super sweet Dodge Polara. The color was something to die for. Apparently, something was infront of the lens when I took the pic. Oh well, doesn’t make the car any less beautiful!

Of course, there were tons of bad ass cars and trucks being driven around in the perfect weather, this past weekend. Unfortunately for me, I don’t got wheels anyone wants to look at. But you can bet your asses that music was blastin’ while I was crusin’ around town. Soon enough my friends… Well… Not as soon as I’d like it, but soon… Somewhat soon…