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I know I’ve kept you folks on your toes quite a bit. I mean, the suspense was building, the anticipation to find out what I’m giving away got your knees shakin’, some guy probably shit his pants at midnight. I know, it’s been a tense couple of days. Want to know the results?

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Update: The Rebel Rouser’s Giveaways.


As much as I would love to say that I’m officially going to start my giveaways… I can’t! The numbers have been at a consistent high, but not quite there yet! Almost… But not quite…

In order to help you folks take some goodies, I’m gonna devise a plan… So how about this…

Everyone who reads my blog, head over here on both June 28 and 29th. That’s Tuesday and Wednesday, folks. So if you hadn’t already marked your calenders for the new Transformers movie, then you might wanna mark em for these two dates! Hey, it only helps you get some free stuff, so why not?

So tell your friends, family, neighbors, strangers, write my URL on a napkin and leave it at the bar, whatever. As long as you all try to work together and view my blog on both Tuesday And Wednesday, it’s all it takes for you to get free shit!

Trust me, I’m not giving away stuff I don’t like. And if you’re looking at my blog, I’m sure we have similar interests! So what are you waiting for? It’s Sunday morning here in California, go to the bar and write my URL on some napkins already!

The Rebel Rouser Giveaways!

Alright folks, it’s time to start getting everyone excited about giveaways!

Different blogs start their giveaways for various reasons, to get more hits giving them more $$$ from adsense. Or if you’re like me, because you want to connect more with your readers! Everyone I’ve met and talked to so far from my blogs have been amazing, so it only makes sense to give something back to you folks!

As it were, there’s a catch! While I have a whole slew of things I’m going to give away, the giveaway won’t start just yet! I’m so mean, right!?

Now, for the catch… I will start doing a few giveaways as soon as my blog “hits” reach a certain number at the end of the day. For two days straight! Now, it’s not gonna be anything ridiculous like 100,000 or anything like that, but something that satisfies my liking for hits. I mean, I get a decent amount of hits, per se, but ya know… Gotta make things tricky!

Now, this can happen anywhere from two days from now, to next year. Who knows! It depends on you guys, the readers!

So in order for the blog to reach that certain amount of hits, you’re gonna need to spread the word about my blog. Whether you’re telling your friends and family to click the link, or going to different libraries and looking at my blog with all of their computers, whatever… As long as it reaches a certain amount of hits, because of the readers, that’s all that matters! Hey, it means you folks actually READ my blog, and dig it enough to do that sort of thing! Of course, if you shared the blog amongst your friends, family and acquaintances, it would be better.

Now, I’m not gonna tell you folks what I’m gonna give away just yet. Gotta keep the suspense up and keep y’all on your toes! You all keep me on my toes with the content I post for you all, so I might as well do the same in return! Haha! But don’t worry, if you’ve been diggin’ what I’ve been posting so far, you’ll dig what I’ve got to give away.

Why are you still reading? I’m not gonna list the prizes right now. Go off and tell everyone about this rockin’ blog! You want free shit right??? Tell em about http://www.therebelrouser.com!!! DO IT!!!