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WAYWT: 9/28/2010

Vans Chukkas I’ve had for around 3-4 years, finally wore em for the first time today.
Hair mix is a bit of Layrite, DAX, and a Murray’s/Sweet Georgia Brown mix I’ve had premixed. The sun quickly took care of any hold my hair had from all of the pomades. Well, it still looks good…

The baby is wearing a shirt from Target, that’s becoming a little too short to be worn as a dress. Sigh, it wasn’t long ago when she had this shirt down to her knees…

Damn this heat.


Haven’t been posting these lately, just a little difficult to get a clear and decent shot with an iPhone!

Here’s a small clip of my kid pretending that I’m a slide. And since you can remotely tell what the hell I’m wearing… Why not?