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Recap: Booze, Broads, & Hot Rods.

Ok, I had a long post written out for the recap, but WordPress is fucking shit up, and I lost that post. So… I’m just gonna post a few pics. Oh well, at least it was a good night!

DRANK!I don't like to rip people off, but if you've been to this bar, you'll understand how hard it is to get a drink. So after I ordered and she told me "Ten dollars," you can bet your ass I was out of there, before she could whip out her calculator! A theif I am not, but an opportunist... Well... Let's just leave it at that...Mrs. & Mr. Self Edge.

Luckily Mr. & Mrs. Self Edge scored a good table, near the front of the stage.


Kim from The Bombshells chewing her gum and introducing Omar & The Stringpoppers to the crowd. Who the hell in the crowd didn’t know who they were???

Omar & The Stringpoppers.

Omar & The Stringpoppers rip it up. That girl with the cardigan and the red flower in her hair, was a wild one…

There’s something about Wild Records artists, that bring out the funkiest of funky people. At the Santos show, had some stringy dudes wiggling about. This time around, had this girl getting down with herself, like she were on extacy. It was something, to say the least…


Using Shazam at a bar? Nerding out. For those who care, it was Nick Curran & The Lowlifes – Dream Girl.

Luis & The Wildfires.

One word to describe this band. Punk rock. Fine, two words.

After all was said and done, I was drunk as fuck. Drunk enough for the lovely Miss Margot to actually lead me out on the dancefloor, and get a little two step on. But being as drunk as I was, I forgot every single dance move I learned. Sorry Raul! But that didn’t stop a local drunkard from getting down!

Margot & A Drunkard.

While he looks fine here, he ended up falling flat on his back, off of a barstool. I think that if Luis & The Wild Fires were still performing, the BOOM of his fall would’ve drowned them out. Poor guy. Not gonna lie, I kinda laughed. No worries, people laughed at me for dropping and breaking a beer bottle.

While this post isn’t eloquent as the original, it doesn’t take away from how badass these two Wild Records artists are. Even after having a baby, Rachelle and her man were out and about looking live. Definitely a great show and big thanks to The Bombshells for putting together this event.

Definitely had myself a ball. But I can promise you this, I won’t be double fisting Coronas like that, any time soon!