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Pomade Review: Bona Fide Pomade

With the popularity of water-soluble pomades on the rise, you can expect some more reviews by yours truly! I mean, why not? Y’all know I’m not one of those who hates on water-soluble pomades because they’re not “grease.” Well no fucking shit they’re not grease! They’re gel-type water-soluble pomades, you fuck! Anyways…  I got a few inquiries about Bona Fide Pomade, so of course I had to investigate! Hit up Luis and got a package with the quickness. Having not heard anything about this stuff and only knowing it was a water-soluble pomade, got me excited and put it to use right away. So let’s check it out!

This pomade is packaged in a nice plastic container with red labeling and yellow trim. On the top, it has the ever-so favorited switchblade combs crossed into an X. The label reads “Superior Hold,” so let’s see how much of that is true.

Opening up the container, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find this cola colored   pomade filled to the brim. I mean, literally! It’s not too often you’ll find a water-soluble pomade that leaves some excess on the lid. With a pleasant floral scent, having that much excess is a good thing! Don’t worry, fellas, this isn’t potpourri type scents, just a subtle refreshing floral scent. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for carrying a pocket full of daisies! Well, actually…

Scooping it out, it feels lighter than most water-soluble pomades on the market, but nowhere near as light as Tres Flores Molding Pomade. And if you didn’t dig the scent from Tres Flores, you’d dig the subtle sweet scent Bona Fide Pomade offers; to me, it has a light apple scent.

Applying this stuff is a breeze… As I mentioned, you don’t get a sticky texture to this stuff. It applies real nice and smoothly, leaving your hands with little to no excess, assuring you that you’re putting all of this product to use and not wasting even a bit of it. I was surprised at how easily it applied to dry hair, without giving you those sticky patches we all get once in a while… YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN! And whatever excess you may have left on your hands, it washes right off, without having to rub your palms together. This, for me, was a definite plus! Since I had also used this stuff on a few cats, I didn’t have to waste too much/any time at the sink to rinse off the pomade. I mean, why would you want your barber to spend more time washing pomade off of their hands, than on your hair?

Combing my hair into a pomp was a piece of cake. With a wet comb, it feels as if you’re combing through your hair with nothing but water in it. No tugging goin’ on here! And for most, it’s a concern, as they feel they’re ripping hair out… which they probably are. So, for you who hate that beautiful struggle between comb, pomade, and hair, you may want to look into this stuff.

It finishes with a nice glossy finish, but doesn’t overly harden like some water-soluble pomades with similar finishes. Definitely a surprising touch, as we all know how the story goes!

Personally, I wouldn’t say the hold is one of the strongest on the market, as I wasn’t able to get a tall pomp out of this pomade (even with two of my applications of pomade.) But, as most of y’all know, I’ve been rockin’ the more conservative profiled pomp, so it’s not really a big deal for me. But, for you cats who dig the big & tall pomps, I can’t say this stuff would give you what you’re looking for. It overall allows me to comb a nicely shaped pomp, and that’s all that matters to me. Take a look!

The only real downside I’ve noticed from this pomade, is that it flakes more-so than most, when combed through after it settles. While not leaving you with chunks of flakes, it’s still a noticeable downside. But, if you’re like me and you wet-comb instead of dry combing a water-soluble pomade, you’ll be in the clear. But, if you like to dry comb water-soluble pomades, you may be out of luck. But as I’ve said, it’s not something a bit of water couldn’t fix!

Holding up in the heat, I noticed that this stuff didn’t melt all over my face. But, my slicked down sides did fluff up after a bit, and weren’t as slicked as I had initially styled them. Fortunately, the pomp didn’t suffer any loss of shape, which is definitely a good thing!

Overall, this is a great alternative to the once favored, but now unfortunately discontinued Monkey Brains. On the lighter end of the water-soluble pomade market, a sweet yet subtle scent, and is one, if not, the cheapest water-soluble pomade around, it’s a good pomade to have on deck. So, for those who want something to replace the pricier water-soluble pomades, I’d definitely say you should check this out. But, just don’t expect to have the same hold. Then again, why would they want to imitate another pomade???

Big thanks again to Luis at Bona Fide Pomade. I definitely dug this stuff, and have used it more often than I expected!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!