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Rebel Rousing: Call-Out


Now, for some people, comprehending what goes on with a blogger, is pretty much not there… which is fine, because ‘Blogging Ain’t Easy.’ But, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand, either. Although we all have pocket computers and wireless internet access, it doesn’t mean we don’t have things to do in the real world… Instagram takes up my time!

As noted quite a few times on here, I’ve been busy. If the lack of posts wasn’t a sure sign of it, my post stating the situation should’ve been a decent indication of what’s going on. But while I don’t have the time to update this blog as often as I used to, I tend to update folks via Facebook or Twitter, and still micro/photoblog via Instagram and Tumblr, which still allows me to reply to folks inquiries about pomade, rockabilly, and what not. Plus, there’s my email… which (as stated on Twitter and Facebook) lags; for whatever reason, I’ll get a flood of a weeks worth of emails in a single day. Now, add Tumblr “asks,” this blog’s comments, Twitter inquiries, Facebook messages, YouTube comments and messages, and general emails… You can only imagine how many replies I’ll be replying to!

While I do have an app. for my phone, which allows me to make posts and reply to messages, I’m very much “old school” when it comes to it, and I’d much rather sit down behind the computer to do it. For one, I can see exactly what I’ve typed 10 lines up, so I make sure that I don’t somehow end up repeating myself… Which I’ve done, sorry. Two, I prefer to give people long, detailed replies, so it’s more of a conversation, than a reply. And as some of you whom have emailed me know, my emails can get longreally long… Three, when I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll and can knock out the all of the comments on here, YouTube, “asks” on Tumblr, Facebook messages, and emails, in a couple of hours. Yes, couple of hours…

But, today I happened to take a look at the app. for my blog, because I noticed I haven’t gotten any emails in a while, and this is what I saw:

I didn’t set the comment section to be approved by the admin (myself) or automatically approved, for some reason, it goes both ways; some will be automatically approved and some will be pending.

Right after, I finally got that “ding” from my emails, so, I went to check on those. Flooded with YouTube comments, Tumblr “asks,” Facebook messages, general emails, and last but not least, this here blogs comments, I knew I had to make some time to get behind the computer this week. Until I saw this:

Ah… One of those…

Like I’ve said, understanding what goes on with a blog isn’t everyone’s strong point… And as I was about to give the cat some leeway, I noticed this…

Notice the time stamp with the comments.

I know people expect to be waited hand and foot on them, especially with technology nowadays, but really? Let alone, expecting to be waited on hand and foot on a Sunday? A Sunday MORNING? Let me just say, WOW…

I’ve met several cats and gals from this here blog. While I’ve only had the chance to have a drink with a handful of em, every single person I’ve met because of this blog have been awesome, and I’m definitely glad to have met you all! So, when someone apparently decides to call out my “character,” as seen in this quote:

“Evidently you’re no gent, nor will you ever.”

Well, I guess that’s something I’ll have to let the many people whom conversed with me outside of this blog will have to decide, as I don’t think your patience or lackthereof is in the proper position to judge ones character. It seems that all you wanted was a reply, and you got one. You got a post dedicated just to you!

But, since I’m replying, let’s make some points, shall we?

– The “Jelly-Roll” is quite different than the Conk. A black person cannot get the same effect as the Jelly-Roll as a white person could, and vice-versa. Different ethnicities = different hairstyles = different names.
– The “Detroit” is the same as a “Flattop with Fenders,” as is “Chicago Boxcar” is the same as a “Mac Curtis.” Hairstyle names vary from region to region, there’s no right or wrong. Same as “Cola,” “Soda,” or “Pop,” or the various combinations amongst the three.
– I get where you’re going with the greaser/Hells Angels thing, but I’m not even gonna bother…

Call it what you want, but names vary from era to era, region to region, story to story, family to family, and so on. We’re not limited to one or the other, just what you prefer or were raised with. If you were raised with calling a flattop a “flattop boogie,” then you’ll call it a ‘flattop boogie,’ while a cat up north will call it a ‘flattop.’ Who’s right and who’s wrong?

In the end, it’s all fun and games. You can be as offended as you want to be, seeing as me not doing anything has already done so. But, I like to add salt to the wound.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this post. I know I got a kick out of it.

I’ll be responding to the comments on my various outlets later this week, so if you haven’t gotten your reply yet, you will soon!

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy, Pomp Hard, and Blog Hard!