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End of an Era: Barber School.

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve finished barber school at the end of March. It’s been a quick 10 months, but I’ve got to say, it was a blast! I’ve learned something completely foreign to me, met a lot of great folks , and didn’t veer away from the goal: become a licensed barber and rule the world… Well, I think the last part is part of a different plan, but whatever…

I remember pulling up to the school to check it out and thinking, “Can I do this?” and had the want of driving back home and say fuck it. I mean, I’ve postponed looking into a barber school for nearly three years, and to suddenly find a school and show up to it? Yeah, it was scary! Of course, it’s always intimidating to jump into something so new such as barbering, and even more intimidating considering I’ve never cut hair whatsoever prior to! And being around people who more than likely cut hair on a regular? Man… Then you gotta think about you actually have to cut someones hair for the very first time?!?! Fuuuck…

But alas, I stuck with it, had great people help me throughout the duration of school, and I’m proud to say that as of April 8, 2013, I am officially a licensed barber! Now, I’m not attaching “barber” to my title, because I want my skill-level to be at a certain place first, and that won’t be for a good few years! Even so, I’ll be wanting my skills to be at a different place by then!

So, will I ever be “Jan Hella The Barber?” “The Rebel Barber?” “Hella The Barber” Shit, who knows!

Big thanks to everyone who has supported this journey! Grant’s Golden Brand, Layrite, Crown Shaving Co., Frankie The Barber, Chops Barbershop, each and every barber I’ve had the pleasure to meet and cut along side with throughout school, all my readers and followers, especially the ones who came down and entrusted me with their hair and faces, and whoever else I may have forgotten!

It’s been a blast and now my journey continues in the barber shop!

Until the next time…


Barber School Update: 11/20/2012

School Supplies.

While in barbering school, I’ve yearned for more products to use on not only myself, but on customers and fellow barbers; especially since the products we use in school are less than favorable. I mean, why would I use something on someone if I, personally, don’t approve of it? If you’ve talked to me about barbering, you’d know I only want to use products on others that I dig. And the only way to find out if I dig em for professional use, is to try em on myself, first, then other cats.

Since there’s little to no customers at my school who dig the “greasy kid stuff,” finding more water-soluble pomades was a must. And of course, the fine folks at Grant’s Golden Brand have a new offering of pomade – the Royal Hawaiian scented Medium Blend. As soon as I opened up the can, the cats at school were diggin’ it! Grant definitely made a hitter! Big thanks to Grant and co! Expect a review soon!

Pardon the Instagram screen cap! I apparently don’t have the picture saved anymore!

But, you can’t only have one type of pomade on hand, right?

With more water-soluble pomade being made, of course I wanted to reach out and see what’s up with em. Shot a message to Luis of Bona Fide Pomade and we were set to go! Big thanks, Luis! A couple of cats are down to put the stuff to use!

Somethings my school lacks, in terms of products, is good shaving supplies. So when I saw Crown Shaving Co. on a Facebook group I’m apart of, my interest was definitely piqued! After a quick exchange with Dino of Crown Shaving Co. a little care-package was sent out… well, at least I was expecting “little!”

Big thanks, Dino! I’ve already put this stuff to use on myself, as well as a fellow barber student, so expect a review for this real soon! But let me say this… If you haven’t checked it out, do so! It’s a killer line and once I’m in a shop, I’ll definitely be placing a nice order in!

Big thanks again to Grant, Luis, and Dino, for making my barber school experience much more exciting! It’s a blast trying out products on myself, but it’s that much more exciting to try em out on different folks with different hair styles, textures, and so on! Expect reviews for these awesome products in the near future!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!


Sorry for the delay on posts, folks. I have a perfectly good explanation for it… I’ve been taking barbering classes!

For those who don’t follow my Instagram, *cough*THEREBELROUSER*cough* I’ve recently enrolled in semi-local barber college. I’m still going through the first week, and let me say, it’s been fun. It’s awesome to see what actually goes into a haircut. Lookin’ forward to learning more and becoming a barber!

But, this means I won’t have as much time to sit behind the computer and whip out posts. I’ll try to get them out as efficiently as possible… Even if it means multiple posts in one day. So, bear with me folks, as I only have time to sit near the doll heads.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can always check out my Tumblr, as it’s linked to it and I’ll more than likely be posting barber college related pics on there!