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Good Hair vs Bad Hair

I’m gonna say it…

The Fonz’s hair sucks.


One person, my friends would “associate” me with, whenever I show up to a spot, is The Fonz. WHY? Dude is the corniest tv greaser their is. Simple as that. Yes, I appreciate Harry Winkler, but just not as The Fonz… I don’t know why, but it just wasn’t my thing. His hair, is on the same level as Shia LaBeoufs hair in Indiana Jones 4. Level Suck.

Just putting it out there.

The only reason why I’m making this post, is because earlier I stumbled upon a picture of John Travolta as Danny Zuko, next to a picture of Harryenry Winkler (since Justin Bieber, I mean Jake is upset about it,) as The Fonz. No, please, they can’t be in the same league. Zuko’s hair is amazing. He has one of the best pompadours around. And The Fonz looks sloppy. Simple as that.

Here is said picture.

The good vs. the bad, hair do's.

Travolta lookin sharp, and The Fonz lookin sloppy as sloppy can get.

No hate towards the fans of The Fonz. He isn’t one of the cooler tv greasers around, but he does have a special place, in some peoples hearts.

But I do not look like the damn Fonz.


When using pomades, you really gotta figure out for yourself… How much, is TOO much…

For me, it’s easy. I have long-ish, thick hair, so I have to use a “generous” amount of pomade. But when I start slicking back, and there’s lots of pomade showing up in my comb, that’s how I know I used too much. A little, really does go a long way!

Here’s a video showing someone who uses WAY too much pomade, for their hair.

Jeeze… When your hair looks like your poured pancake batter all over your head, there’s something wrong. If you really have to use THAT much pomade, you need to buy a different pomade! I’m sure Deluxe isn’t a bad pomade, so why use that much? No idea… Plus, if you have to strain like that, when slicking back… Don’t know what to say. One more video for good measure.

You really don’t need THAT much pomade! Unless you’re rocking a 9 inch pomp, that’s just way too much.

Back track to my pomade reviews, and see how much pomade I use for my pomps.