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1950’s Hairstyles: “Colored People.”

I put colored people in quotations, only because I don’t care to be politically-correct.
If you’re white, you’re white, Asian’s are Asian and black people are black people. It’s not ignorance, that’s life. So suck it. I don’t need to be called Filipino-American. Fuck, I’m Asian, simple as that. I’ll only be politically-correct if I’m commenting on someone elses webpage, but until then, you’re in my house now!

Get it got it good.


On a page I follow on Tumblr, someone asked about how one of color would be able to get a pompadour. Lawdy Lawdy Miss Clawdy suggested that they could cut the hair to shape, and let the pompadour part grow out. Well, let’s get real specific with this one!

Since there weren’t hair straightening chemicals that you can go to the store and buy back in the 50s, so how else could black guys get their hair in a pompadour? Simply put, they just cut their hair into the shape of a pompadour. But it takes more than just cutting it into the shape. It needs to be combed and trained to stay in that shape, and of course, pomade is also used.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a pic from Blackboard Jungle, showing a couple of the “kids of color” with a pompadour.

Kind of hard to tell at the angle, but it is indeed a pompadour. The hair in the front is longer than the rest of the hair. Therefore, it is a pompadour.

This picture shows Glenn Ford creepin up in the backround. As well as a better shot of the pompadour. See how it has that break? Yeah. Pomp’n.

While the pompadour is probably one of the most popular mens hairstyles from the 1950s-60s, it wasn’t the only one around for black males. Of course, there are the other hairstyles pictured above, but there’s another one amongst the rebelious ones…

And that hairstyle is…

A conk. What is it exactly? Imagine the underside of a conch shell, but on your head. Here are a couple of screen shots I took from Cry Baby. Though they are exaggerated, it shows off how the hairstyle is styled. So imagine that, but with a lower profile! Unless you like em big, that’s what she said.

Top View

Profile View

I think it’s a pretty cool hairstyle. A whole lot differen’t than a pompadour, but just as stylish.

To top it all off, here’s a little clip of a Teddy Boy quiff. A.K.A. A Conk…

Well there you have it, a couple more different hairstyles from the 1950s-60s. There are still a ton to cover. But there’s only one for me. A pompadour. But as long as you don’t go out looking like a slob, and have your hair styled up, that’s all that matters.