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WAYWT: 6/3/2011

Dickies Jacket
Converse Shirt
Strike Gold Jeans
Vans Shoes
Mr. & Mrs. Self Edge Super Limited Wedding Edition YoYo.

Recap: Viva Las Vegas 14.

Whoooo… That was a long weekend… And it sure as hell was a good one!

As vacations are, there will be good, the bad, and the ugly sides of it. It’s just the way things are! And let me tell ya, this weekend was full of all of that and more!


(WARNING: This post is picture heavy. To top that off, I was too lazy to resize the damn pics. But hey, ya gotta see everything, right?)

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WAYWT: 3/25/2011

Pleated Slacks.

Target “Do You Wanna Americana” Overalls.
“Chambray” Shirt w/ Floral Trim.
Engineer Boots.

WAYWT: 2/11/2011

Sweet Georgia Brown
GAP Denim Shirt
Strike Gold
Red Wing

WAYWT: 2/7/2011

Beautiful day out, so it was a must to bring the baby to the park.

This park is along the lagoon, so she likes to pretend to fish, using Willow branches. My lady took a vid, because I “looked funny.” Thanks…

Plaid Shirt
Strike Gold
Red Wing

WAYWT: 1/30/2011

I look stumpy as fuck…

Schott A-2
Strike Gold
Red Wing
Car coming
And if anyone cares: Black & White Pomade

WAYWT: 1/7/2011

My cousin happened to stop into the shop, so she took a pic of us. Beats mine.

Red Wing

I didn’t realize she was wearing a red flannel, so when I got home to change a shirt, I just threw on whatever I found. So, we’re sort of matching today.

WAYWT: 11/23/2010

Chilly as hell here. IT’S FLANNEL TIME!

DAX Wave and Groom on the top and a little bit on the sides. And Black and White on the sides.
Blue Flannel
Sugarcane Okinawas I’ve had since Self Edge first opened up.
Baby in a Sears cart.

Third Nipple

I’ve decided to make a tumblr for this site. Why? It’s easier to dump pictures and music there. Elongated content will be here of course, but linked over there as well.

In short, same shit as here, but on tumblr, which in turn, links to my Twitter. Too much crap.

WAYWT: 9/29/2010

It’s been too hot to wear any leather boots. Past few days I’ve been sticking with good ol’ Vans. Can’t go wrong with any two toned colored Vans. Even 3 toned.

Also, I’ll be getting another haircut tomorrow. So those locally can see how Leonard cuts hair. I’ll be getting a medium taper, not too high nor tight. And keeping the top as long as it is. Problem with my D.A. at the moment, is that I have a tuft of hair that will not stay down no matter what pomade I put on it. Hell, I slicked it down with Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) then patted down some Murray’s Superior on the tuft alone, and it’s still up and about. So, only way to get rid of that is to taper it away…

So check back tomorrow evening, to get a look at how he does a taper.