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Rockabilly meets Mainstream

As everyone has noticed, more and more brands are taking notice to the whole rockabilly culture and hairstyles. Actually, I take that back.The common folk don’t notice the culture of rockabilly, just the hair and clothing. That’s fine, I guess. And of course, you’ll have the ever so common “haters,” more like ignorant people who think their opinions matter and just HAVE to spray it.

And this video, is a great example of such.

Apparently, H&M has taken a liking to “rockabilly,” and decided to do a little feature on this past years Viva Las Vegas. But one thing I don’t understand in this video is… what does any of this have to do with H&M?
Nothing at all. None of the clothes featured were sold at H&M. Nor does H&M have anything similarly styled to anything remotely 1950s-60s. So in short, H&M wanted to be cool and hop on a bandwagon, and this years woody had to be rockabilly.

Here is said video. And if you’re curious like me, you’d check out the comments and roll your eyes. It is youtube-ers after all!