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Pomade For Beginners: Things You Should Know.

From what I’ve noticed, my blog has helped a lot of folks out with pomade. Not only those seeking the amazing pompadour, but those looking to make pomade their go-to styling product. Not to sound full of myself, but I sure as hell wish there was something like this when I got my pomade cherry popped! So, to help prepare you folks, who don’t know what to expect when you dip into that grease, I wrote out a few things I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be adding this to the FAQ above, where you can find some answers to other questions you may have.


Build Up Your Tolerance:

Just like anything going in or on your body for the first time, your body is going to react to it. Pomade, is no different. If you’re making the transition from no hair product usage, to pomade, do not rush it! Don’t just cake on your hair with palm full of pomade. You gotta take some baby steps, folks!

Gradually add pomade to your hair, daily! Chances are, your scalp is not used it having anything other than shampoo, conditioner, and the natural oils it produces on it.  If you just go balls deep, your scalp is gonna react to it by producing oils to counter the greasy hair product. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allergic to the pomade, so don’t fret. The negatives about having more oils on your scalp, means you well… now have an overly oily scalp. With more oils, means your scalp will have a harder time breathing, making it work in overtime, making it produce more oil. (Ever notice guys who wear hats all the time, usually have more oily hair than those who don’t?) 

To avoid this, all you have to do is shower as you would. I don’t mean thoroughly wash out the pomade, as you’ll pretty much be going back to square one. I mean, if you shampoo your hair every other day or two, do just that. Depending on the pomade you’re using (if it’s a wax or petrolatum based pomade,) it won’t thoroughly wash out with ordinary shampoo. This way, you’re washing out small bits of pomade. Not a lot, but just enough to allow your scalp to relax and ease up on the oils.

Since your hair will still have pomade in it, from the day(s) before, you won’t need to apply as much product as you did. You’ll be gradually adding pomade into your hair throughout the week, which builds up your immunity to the grease! 


Even if you don’t have acne, you may get an occassional white head or two if you don’t pay attention. Whenever you get pomade on your skin, wipe it off! Though mineral oil is known to have pore-clogging properties, even pomade without mineral oil can cause acne. Why? Because your skin isn’t breathing with pomade covering it. Rocket Science? I think so!

So, after putting some pomade in your hair, just take a wet towel or a baby wipe and wipe off any excess pomade that may have gotten on your forehead, face, or neck. Quick. Simple. And effective.

Don’t Share Brushes:

Don’t share your brushes or combs! Not in the selfish “this is my lucky comb!” type of way, but if someone in your household doesn’t use pomade, and you use their brush, well… if it isn’t obvious, they’ll be having some unwanted pomade in their hair! Not only that, but dandruff as well. I mean, how would YOU feel if you had someone else’s dandruff in your hair?! Yeah… Case closed.

Be prepared to have a whole new arsenal of hair styling tools.

Combing Out Hairs:

Now that you’ve got some new combs and brushes, you’ll notice quite a few hairs in em. Most people will believe that the pomade is actually making their hair fall out. While that may be the case for some*, it’s completely normal. Why you ask?

On average, you lose about 100 hairs a day. Not at one single time, but throughout the day. Whether it’s putting on a shirt, turning over in bed, or even going on a walk- it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, your hair naturally sheds itself without you knowing. But, since you’re now combing your hair, you’re taking notice to what’s in your comb and are panicking like crazy. Go look at any chicks hairbrush, you’ll see a bunch of hair in there! Does she look like she’s got pomade in her hair? I don’t think so. It’s one of those day-to-day things we don’t notice, until you pay specific attention to it. I bet you don’t realize yellow pee is a bad thing!

So, unless you’ve got 20 strands of hair in between two teeth of your comb, from one single swoop, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about.

*For some people, they get allergic reactions from certain ingredients in the pomade. Not just petrolatum based ones, but the water-soluble gel-type ones, too! A few allergic reactions have been either hair loss or skin irritation, causing a rash. So, if you have any known skin allergies, double-check the ingredients in your hair products, before using them. Don’t worry, it’s not the pomade… It’s you! There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way it is!


You’ll definitely have to trust me on this one, folks!

Unless you have Elvis hands, you will not get your hair the way you want it with pomade, for the first few weeks! TRUST ME! If you take a look at the photos from my earlier reviews, you’ll see how my pomp has evolved, and with the reviews to come, you’ll see how it’s evolving. This doesn’t just go for the pompadour, but for any hair style. You’ll stand in front of the mirror, mess around with your hair, some days hate it, some days love it… it’s just the way it is. This, like many other things in life, a learning curve. It took me a long time to decently style my hair, and I’m still not where I want it to be!  Just take the time to practice and you’ll be doin’ your ‘do proper, in no time.

Well, I hope this has been helpful for some folks. As I’ve said, I know a lot of people have recently made the transition into the world of pomade, so this is mainly for you folks.

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy!

Left Field NYC’s 2012 Lookbook via GQ.

GQ recently posted an exclusive first look at Left Field NYC’s lookbook. Can’t say the write up is any good, but the two photos are pretty cool. Take a look:

 The chick doesn’t look too happy, but when you’re being shared between bikers, who is?

Click here to read the miniscule write up.

Even the Mods aren’t safe…

If you’ve been diggin’ my blog long enough, you’d notice some posts about seeing “rockabilly” gear popping up at major clothing chains. Artists like Elvis and Johnny Cash are an easy sell. I mean, it’s fuckin’ Elvis and Johnny Cash! Of course you’re gonna see them in major chains! But hey, it’s funny to see which store picks up which trend next, right?

Keep reading to see what’s trending in mainstream America today!

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Can’t find a Johnny Cash shirt?

Well look no further…

Previously, I noted that Target and Hot Topic stocked some Johnny Cash and Elvis shirts. But I spotted this sweet “genuine” Man In Black shirt at Old Navy. Can’t get anymore Americana than that, right?


Don’t worry folks, until we start seeing Eddie Cochran or Buddy Holly shirts at these places, we’ll be safe for a while. Well, until summer comes around.

Can’t wait to see angst-y teens wearing skinny jeans and Johnny Cash shirts, while sitting along along the concrete wall of Old Navy while their moms shop for them, but they’re too “embarrassed” to be seen with em, in public!

Don’t worry… I’ll let y’all know when I spot a 13 year old, rockin’ a pompadour, skinny jeans and Wayfarers!

Tokidoki Gets-A-Swing’n

Now, you ladies and gents have been browsing this blog long enough.

Y’all know I’m a guy. I don’t wear makeup. So why would I post anything about Tokidoki? Well folks, you’ve guessed it…

Tokidoki has been around for some time now. And to my surprise a few years ago, the person behind it is a guy! FUCK. Talk about mind blown. Don’t deny it, originally y’all thought it was an Asian chick behind it. And if you didn’t know it was a guy, you know your minds are blown.

Gotta give the guy some credit… He’s done collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, Hello Kitty, and the surprisingly never dying Le Sportsac. Le Sportsac has been around for quite a while now and Tokidoki has revived it and it’s more popular than ever.

My sister and cousins love Tokidoki. So when my cousin went to shop for some of their stuff, she noticed something that was relevant to this blog… Can you guess what it is yet?

ROCKABILLY! and golf?

Yup… Tokidoki is getting into that swing… And man, is it kind of weird…

This collaboration is done with none other than the one place that guys dread most, and women love and spend their life savings on… SEPHORA.

The new Sephora by Tokidoki collaboration is named none other than “Soda Shop.”

I’m a guy, so I’m not gonna get into what’s in the line. But let’s just say there’s a lot of stuff, ok ladies?

From his typical hamburger, cactus dog thing, and many other living and dressed up animals and food items, there’s only a few things somewhat “relevant” to the theme they’re going for. Not only do you have a little greaser character swing dancing with his rockin Maybelle, you got a Masuimi Max looking car hop, switch blades, and an ice cream cone rockin’ a quiff with “Elvis” shades. Oh… to make sure you cats know that this is Americana, there’s some French Fries in an American Flag colored box. Can’t have all this cool rockabilly without some ‘MERICA, right?

Yeah… Imagine if he went with a Confederate Flag… Let’s see how many suburban house wives will buy them… Probably a lot…

The only way I, as a guy could justify my lady getting this, would be if there was Waldo somewhere in the mix. You know whenever there’s a Where’s Waldo Book around, you pick it up and look for him, for at least 3 pages. Yeah you do!

Well folks, there you have it. If Sephora has anything relevant to rockabilly, you can bet your asses that you’ll soon be seeing hipster girls in petticoats and saddle shoes. It’s not like we don’t see that enough anyways, but with their new cool Tokidoki rockabilly make up, they have to be rockabilly… Right?

Don’t You Wanna Americana?

Though that long black train had already left the station, it’s pretty evident that Americana has come back in full force.

Probably not that yet noticeable by the general public, but it’s getting there. What better way to jump start it than starting up with the tots!

Target has put out a line with vintage-Americana inspired clothing just for kids. Being a parent, I think it’s pretty cool.

Though I didn’t thoroughly look through the clothes, I saw some pretty cool stuff. From engineer overalls to chambray shirts, there’s enough gear to keep your kids looking cool and somewhat vintage. On top of it all, I’m sure the kids can play to hell and back in the clothing, and won’t tear them to shreds. But hey, even if they do, you can patch it up the home made way, and give the clothes a more authentic look.

I mean, no one wants their kids to dress up like Justin Bieber or the Jersey Shore cast, right? Well, there are the few that do. But for us folks with our heads on straight, fuck that. Plain and simple.

And if that ain’t enough reason for you to check out this clothing line, I don’t know what is…

Paramore Goes Back In Time.

To the era we all love most.

I’d say it’s evident from their video Playing God. From Haley Williams all dolled up like a stepford wife, to Jeremy Davis’s newly acquired pompadour, they’re obviously dipping their toes in 50s and 60s. I mean, as long as it keeps grown guys away from scenester stick straight hair and headbands, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I fuckin love Haley Williams. Hate me if you will, but she’s hot! And by hot I mean dirty stuff. And by dirty stuff I mean the shit you used to do with your ladies, before they became your wifes, and that dirty stuff stopped happening, kind of dirty. And by that kind of dirty I mean… Well, you get the picture. Was it pretty?


If you cats don’t believe me, check out their video for Playing God. And yes, I would love to have her as a stepford wife. I mean, who the hell wouldn’t mind having a stepford wife around for a little while? Unless they’re robots.

I bet you folks hate the fact that I posted this on Jackie Wilsons death anniversary, huh?

Justin Timberlake Is Inspired By Greasers.

Meant to post about this earlier, but whatever.

If anyone who reads this is into fashion, has a subscription to celeb. magazines, or goes to Target as often as I do, you know that Justin Timberlake’s William Rast clothing line has dropped. So for those who couldn’t find that Schott Perfecto they’ve been hunting for, keep hunting.

I’m not completely sure what his line is inspired by. He released both a mens and womens collection, which to me is a hodge podge of stuff. I mean, it is just clothes being sold to everyday folk, but when designer Isaac Mizrahi put out his collection, it made sense. Well, it’s not like the folks who read this blog will be wearing womens clothes anyways… Or do you guys?

The mens collection. Well, if it wasn’t designed or styled in such manner, it wouldn’t be on here. But guess what, it is!

Ok. The bomber jacket isn’t so much rockabilly. But the styling of the clothes sure is. Let’s take a look…

Blue jeans, of course they have fading going on. It gives the vintage look! A black “leather” jacket on top of a tucked in plaid shirt, that’s not buttoned all the way or half way, to show off the rebellious white tee shirt (with a print,) and an Indian “inspired” necklace to top it off. And if that wasn’t enough, the quiff paired up with the styling of the clothes, should be a dead give away.

Not enough for ya?

Anyone see where this is heading?

The quiff, engineer boots, plaid, white shirts, “attitude” the model has,” and the faux perfecto the model to the left is wearing.

While this is all fine for the mens wear, as it looks to be mainly “greaser inspired,” the part that irks me is how the womens line doesn’t make sense or show any relation to the mens. If it did, I’d understand where his “inspiration” came from. Rather than jumping on the hottest band wagon of the century.

Let’s see how his “greaser” mens wear relates to the womens…

Aside from the perfecto esque jacket in brown, there’s nothing else relating the two lines. Oh, and a plaid shirt. Really though, if he made something similar or styled it such, it would make sense. But, in all honesty, it really doesn’t.

As I’ve said, it’s fine for clothes being sold towards every day people, but when you look at the collection as a whole, it doesn’t fit. Oh well. As long as it makes the ladies look good in his tight pants, that’s all us fellas can really ask for, right?

Maybe he got his inspiration from The Jonas Brothers. Who knows… Maybe they’re gonna start a rockabilly super boy band. Maybe include The Baseballs in the mix.

All I know is that there will be a whole lot of freaky looking kids getting their greaser on, with William Rast clothing. While that’s fine and all, get them into the culture and good music, but if I see a group of kids wearing his fake perfecto jacket, gel-ing up their hair and trying to act tough infront of Jamba Juice, I’m gonna shit bricks.

Urban Outfitters Will Get You Greasy!

I’m not gonna beat a dead horse and rant about Urban Outfitters and fashion. Why? Every single other blog has that covered for ya. Now if you wanna read about that over and over again, just visit some random fashion blog and you’ll be set.

Now, I do still wear the flannel I bought from them. It actually keeps me warm, and hasn’t ripped in half like some of the other products from there. Plus, it actually fits well and looks good. So suck it.

But as most of you know, Urban Outfitters has been one to trend hop. Admit it, we’ve all done it at one point or another. It’s nothing to be too ashamed about. Unless you jump ship when U.O. does. If that’s the case, you might wanna head over to some Jared Leto fan blogs.

And if my previous posts haven’t been clear enough, pointing out the whole rockabilly trend and where it’s heading, this one should open your eyes.

Now, I’m not gonna point any fingers, but I think it’s safe to assume that U.O. has taken notice to the rockabilly trend. And maybe they’re trying to lure in their suburbian hipsters, to convert from neon and tights to harness boots and blue jeans. I don’t know what I’d rather see sitting outside of In N Out Burger.

But what better way to help hipsters get their pomps goin’?


Now, it could be me… But I think I’m on to something… Murray’s huh?

Maybe they’re just trying to appease the Ethnic fan base of U.O.? I mean, with VV Brown and Janelle Monae around, kids have to find out that there’s such thing as rockabilly around, right? (Yes, they are far from rockabilly, but you ever visit a “rockabilly” tumblr? You’ll see what I mean…

Now what folks. Guess has their models sportin’ pomps. The Jonas Brothers are all dolled up in the coolest greaser gear. And now Urban Outfitters will be the leading retailer of Murray’s Superior Pomade. 

What’s next? Will U.O. start carrying Inventory Magazine? Will MTV start playing rockabilly music again? Maybe Walmart will have Layrite in stock. Who knows. Hell, who wants to know…

The not so ‘Hot Topic.”

Whether it was punk rock, alternative, indy, anything… Hot Topic has been one to destroy the image of what we loved most. Exposing it to the moms-of-the-malls and offering the shirts in 3xs in mens. I know, the whole I-HATE-HOT-TOPIC is played out. But hey, it’s still hilarious.

The only times I’ve ever gone into Hot Topic as of late, has been to accompany my friends when they picked up replacement earrings and what not. Aside from my lady’s Lady Gaga shirt, that has been the only garment that has been purchased there. Even then, I’m still not a fan of Lady Gaga, and do not endorse her gimmick one bit.

This last trip to Hot Topic, yielded some garments of interest! Well, not really. A familiar name and face plastered on a couple of shirts caught my eye. And I just knew exactly what they were, before I even stepped close to the store front.

What could it possibly be???


The King and the Man In Black.

I think they found it to be ironic to  have 70s Elvis’ mug shot on a tee shirt. And of course, “MAN IN BLACK,” with a Bald Eagle, for Mr. Cash.

The placement, is what is key here, folks. If they didn’t have Presley and Cash next to/above one another, it wouldn’t make sense! People wouldn’t know that their music was ‘cool again!’ If they were a t-shirt or two apart, it just wouldn’t grab the attention of the passerby’s.

Of course, KISS, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Nirvana are the same! They didn’t want to get the genre mixed up with some I Wrestled A Bear Once or 30 Seconds To Mars shirts! That wouldn’t be hip!

The only thing that puts a smile on my face, when I walk into Hot Topic, is seeing Jawbreaker’s, Unfun album with the cat on the cover. I’m not a cat guy, but boy do I love that album!