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Recap: Viva Las Vegas 15

Ahh…  Viva. Las. Vegas. What’s there to say about it? Even if you’re an elitist who now hates the event for all the newcomers who have “ruined” it, you’ve got to admit… it’s a ball. I mean, really, who doesn’t enjoy drinking with people from all over the world, hearing music we dig 24/7, and for us fellas, the babes??? I sure as hell dig it!

From waiting in that inevitable line for your morning coffee, talking to a burlesque babe about beavers, to passing out drunk in the afternoon, just to wake up and do it all over again an hour later, it’s safe to say that no matter how many years you have gone to Viva Las Vegas, you still won’t have enough time to do everything. While this was only my second VLV, it was far better than my first one, and I know it can only get better with the years and friends to come!

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Left Field NYC’s 2012 Lookbook via GQ.

GQ recently posted an exclusive first look at Left Field NYC’s lookbook. Can’t say the write up is any good, but the two photos are pretty cool. Take a look:

 The chick doesn’t look too happy, but when you’re being shared between bikers, who is?

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WAYWT: 2/20/2012

Nice little Sunday Monday. (Damn straight felt like a Sunday, though!)

Target Trench Coat, Chambray & Leggings.
H&M Shoes.

Wildroot Hair Cream
Pendleton Coat
Clarks Bushacre

The Brains of the Operation…

The pompadour has been a front for the brains of this operation. The real mastermind behind The Rebel Rouser is not a man… Nor is it a supercomputer, as most of you have believed… It’s none other than this loveable being…

The true Rebel Rouser.


Spotted this dope 53-55 Chevy Impala 1960’s Bel-Air right infront of Self Edge a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, this gunboat was badass. Definitely got more attention than the scantily dressed hipsters, in their short shorts and undercuts. Well, I’m not saying I WASN’T looking at them, but you get the picture!


[Edit* 7/2/2011]

Wow, apparently my head was up an ass when I made this post. Fixed! Big thanks Senior Corona!

Don’t You Wanna Americana?

Though that long black train had already left the station, it’s pretty evident that Americana has come back in full force.

Probably not that yet noticeable by the general public, but it’s getting there. What better way to jump start it than starting up with the tots!

Target has put out a line with vintage-Americana inspired clothing just for kids. Being a parent, I think it’s pretty cool.

Though I didn’t thoroughly look through the clothes, I saw some pretty cool stuff. From engineer overalls to chambray shirts, there’s enough gear to keep your kids looking cool and somewhat vintage. On top of it all, I’m sure the kids can play to hell and back in the clothing, and won’t tear them to shreds. But hey, even if they do, you can patch it up the home made way, and give the clothes a more authentic look.

I mean, no one wants their kids to dress up like Justin Bieber or the Jersey Shore cast, right? Well, there are the few that do. But for us folks with our heads on straight, fuck that. Plain and simple.

And if that ain’t enough reason for you to check out this clothing line, I don’t know what is…