Video: Using Lucky 13’s White Lightning Pomade.

Here’s a quick little video introducing y’all to Murray’s Lucky 13 White Lightning Pomade. Don’t worry, it will get a thorough written review as well! I’ve been meaning to put all of em to use, but I haven’t had the “right” haircut, that would warrant using this cool line of pomades! So major apologies, I’ll be putting them to good use soon.

So, until I get a cool haircut from Chris aka Cream The Barber, here’s the video!

5 responses to “Video: Using Lucky 13’s White Lightning Pomade.

  1. Hey rebelrouser, what’s the best way to train hair? I had my top hair cut too short and I’ve been waiting for it to grow back, so when I slick back, I get a nasty lookin split; for the most part I do keep it under control so it’s less noticeable, but usually throughout the day or when it’s hot, it gets wider. I have thick Sicilian hair with one or two waves.

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      Training hair is going to take some time. You essentially need to train the hair AS it grows, so don’t expect 24 hour results.

      With product in your hair, comb the hair in the direction you want to style it.

      Give it a while and you should start seeing results and ease in styling.

  2. So I have what I think to be pretty thin, wavy hair. Just recently, I bought my first pomade, Imperial Classic. I don’t know whether my hair is too damp, or if it’s just because of the pomade being water based, but after I put the pomade in, it drys out and becomes gel-like; stiff and crackly. I’m lookin for a softer and greasier feel; I don’t want my hair to harden. Is this pomade more what I’m lookin for? Will I be able to get more of a pomp than with Imperial?

    Thanks much!

    • Misha,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Look into 360 Styles. It’s a great in-between a grease and water-soluble pomades.

      Most/all water-soluble pomades for the most part will harden. So, this stuff should do the trick in being a good balance between the two.

      It still has petrolatum in it, so it won’t wash right out with just water. But it won’t take more than a good shampoo to wash it out.

  3. dude i love your blog. i never tire of reading your pomade reviews! keep up the good work!
    oakland, ca

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