For What It’s Worth…

This blog post is pertinent to some minute “hate” going on in a certain Facebook group.

So, if you don’t care for it, wait for the next post.

If anything, click to continue reading!

To whomever saw/was apart of a certain “FUCK THE REBEL ROUSER” Facebook group discussion: (Well, maybe it wasn’t so direct, as we know how people like to bark through the internet…)

Don’t worry about it! I probably say “Fuck The Rebel Rouser” more than anyone. Why? Because it’s been held in such light that it shouldn’t be. I’m just a dude with a blog about pomade- nothing more nothing less. But… It’s the fact that other people hold it in such regard, gets the so-called “haters” panties in a bunch and the “need” to jump ship and all of a sudden go against it… even though it was the reason they discovered one such group in the first place… To “proud” to admit it? Be real, you’re in a Facebook group discussing hair products with several other guys… Where exactly is the ego coming from?

The “fans” of myself and the blog sure as hell outweighs the minute amount of haters, especially any of them that thinks they’re “outspoken.” Let alone the small amount of haters in said group.

Per usual, I’m not out to appease anyone, hence no “censoring” in any of my posts on here, Twitter, Instagram, the blog, as well as YouTube. Why would I? I don’t aim to be apart of any particular niche market, I’m just doing what I do on a daily basis. And quite simply, if you don’t like it, don’t mind it! Treat my blog the same way I treat you, as nothing. I know nothing of  you nor do I care to, and the fact that the haters can’t overcome this… Well, it says more about their integrity or lackthereof, than the content of my blog.

But hey, my info is all over the internet, and if you forwhateverreason feel the need to voice how-you-really-feel, well… feel free to COME AT ME BRO.

This is the only thing I have to say about such matters, as I have more important things to deal with… Like figuring out what I’m gonna each for lunch…

Until the next time…

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!


2 responses to “For What It’s Worth…

  1. just write your stuff and do it how you want to do it. its great! i always look forward to your posts.

  2. Let’s hope that the hate isn’t coming from ATP. Though it would not surprise me. Jan, you have to do pomade reviews again when you get the time mate. I really like the style you review pomade in.

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