Recap: Viva Las Vegas 16.

Unlike previous VLV trips, this one was last-minute. While we did have the rooms booked since last years VLV15, the original plans fell through and I had to figure out how I’d be able to make it out there without a plane ticket or a hotel room… Not exactly the ideal way to plan a trip, eh?! Plus, it wouldn’t be my best showing, since I hadn’t had that good ol’ VLV prep (dieting and all that good shit!) I figured- fuck it! And after a couple of phone calls, rushed packing, and a sketchy car with no radio, I was on my way to Viva Las Vegas 16!

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Knowing this was going to be a long trip, I told a buddy to come along since it was going to be the furthest I’ve ever driven as this was my first road trip. This “plan” was to leave at 5:00am and see how things play out. Whether we actually did make it out to Vegas or not, it was going to be interesting!

What better way to start off the early morning than to be hit with allergies! Pretty as fuck, I know. But hey, I was able to drive with one nostril and one eye!

Though we’ve made quite a few stops along the way, we happened to land in a McDonalds where top-secret plans were being discussed…

… in the Playplace…

You know the saying- “It’s not a pissing contest?” Well folks, it really isn’t, unless you’re in the official Pissing Contest Arena, which happens to be hidden away long the roads to Vegas…

Unfortunately for me, there was a “brotha” inside, and with me being aZn… Well… let’s just say we all must lose sometime… though in these types of situations, 90% of the time I lose every time……………………………..

… anyways…

Once we hit the desert, every city in between gave us a glimmering hope that we were already in Vegas, only to disappoint us and make us endure more desert traffic in a car with the AC on full blast. You know you want to be in this car!

No hope, no hope at all…

Once we finally saw Las Vegas hotels, we knew we made it. But, we didn’t make a “success” video, as we did that a few times prior to, and just didn’t have the energy to do it again as it would’ve turned Las Vegas into a mirage.

Las Vegas… yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…………………………….

Now that we landed in Las Vegas, the reality of not having a room and event tickets came to fruition, but fortunately my homie Casey from Self Edge LA shared his room and Don from Dax had two spare carshow tickets. Big thanks, fellas!

First we made a quick jaunt to the vendor room before we weren’t allowed up there. Funny enough, right when we went to the Layrite booth, my styling video was playing! Luckily, there was no audio, or else I wouldn’t have stuck around to take the pic.

Stay tuned, folks, this video will be posted up later this week!

With little to nothing to do but wait for some homies to finish getting ready, it was time for some draaaaaaaaaanks!!!

After some Coronas and Jack Daniels, it was time to have a ball and run into some folks!

Unlike last year, I thought to finally take a picture with the lovely and busy Lydia DeCarllo!

Clearly those Coronas hit me and gave me a lazy eye… WHERE EXACTLY ARE THE CAMERAS!?!?! Probably should’ve used the picture she posted, as I was actually looking at the camera and had two straight eyes…

Unfortunately, this meet didn’t last long as I apparently… left…? It happened a lot this weekend, so if you were around me while I was more than likely alone, let me know when and where we were, because I wandered about quite a bit, apparently!

Fortunately for this moment, my buddy Carlos ever-so kindly reminded me with this picture he just posted on Instagram.

I’m 300 pounds when I pass out…

Saturday was a long day, since I was leaving on Sunday. So I guess this premature nap was a good thing… Though, who doesn’t like to drink with burlesque dancers?! Apparently me…

Unlike last years car show, I figured I’d play it safe as both Dax and Layrite kindly reminded me how drunk I was… and most of y’all have seen the bathroom pictures, so let’s just leave it at that…

Checked out the Layrite booth and saw…

My hair!!! We all know I’m not pretty enough, but Mike decided that I seriously wasn’t pretty enough for the flyer! HAHAHA! I’m just kidding. It’s cool enough to be on the card, since I didn’t know they were gonna do that!

Good times with these fuckers…

The only act I wanted to catch at VLV, was Little Richard. Now, he’s one of the last old-timers that made music and rock & roll what it is today. But, there was absolutely no reason for him to be up on stage. He’s a legend and it was fucked up having him on stage just to make money off of him. I’m sure money would’ve been made had he just had a booth out to do some signings, and people would still be awestruck! Maybe even more-so! Y’all can agree to disagree, but I would’ve been just fine seeing him in person, instead of hearing him trying to live up to his own image.

Time to go inside and get me a beer…

Since I didn’t get wild drunk like last year, it was time to go indoors and… get… drunk! Ran into good ol’ Rusty and drank like we should have last year!

You didn’t see us drink this bottle of Jameson in the casino…

Good times, my friend! Definitely gotta make my way out to Chicago!

I don’t usually gamble, but when I do…

I’m glad I come out with anything! Up $12, motherfuckers! WHERE’S THE BAR?!?!?!

More hours of drinking, disappearing and reappearing, let’s just say the night was fun. Hell, even took a picture with Di Lovely, even though I hadn’t known about her until this moment!

Note: If you walk around with your own personal photographer, know that I will take advantage of any and all opportunities to be apart of the picture.

Sunday was a day to relax, run into more people, and have a good time without the consumption of alcohol… Because if I kept on drinkin’, I wouldn’t have left Vegas until Monday!

Ran into the Dr. Rubin’s brothers. Definitely need to drink with them next time around.

The rest of the day was left with relaxing, finding out when traffic was gonna die down, and making $57 out of $11, but losing some of it when I went to test my luck… Oh well… WHERE’S THE BAR?!?!

But in the end, it was time to leave behind the Viva Las Vegas fun and head back home…

But not without my first attempt at planking…

Currently falling in this pic…

Didn’t take photos at the car show, so parking garage pics will have to do!

No turning back now… Farewell Viva Las Vegas 16!

Lots of drunk people waste food.

One thing I can say I liked about driving to Vegas than from, was that at least you knew who was on the road! You had fuckers driving to party and have fun. But some of these fuckers driving out… man… What’s the point of staying behind me flashing your lights trying to get me to move to the right lane, for two or so miles, when you could’ve done the same? What difference does it make? If I could move to the right lane, so could you! Ok, I get the whole move over bullshit, but they would’ve had an easier time just switching. Normally I’d try to act on my road rage, but I was way too tired to even bother trying to get this cat to pull over.

For those who don’t know what this is… This is the most intricate thing potheads have done to score weed. They’ve built an inspection point to confiscate your weed.

“You got any weed? No? Ok go ahead.”

The last hour of the drive was the hardest. Swerving here and there, a transmission that was going to shit, it was just time to have this trip come to an end…

After a long 12 hours and a long and odd game of “Would You Rather,” I was finally home… As much as I wanted to just lay down and clock out, I had to wash off that Vegas musk! Sorry folks, no in-shower pictures this time around…

Overall, I had a ball, regardless of not having a room to myself and no event tickets. A long, yet, short trip had me wishing I got to hang out with folks longer than I did. Got stopped by a number of folks and I should’ve taken pictures. FUCK!!! Next time we’ll have to snap a quick pic and kick back a beer or two… Actually, I know what I’ll do when I get stopped by blog/YouTube cats (granted I go next year.) ‘What’ will I do exactly? Well… we’ll just have to wait and see! But, for the guys and gals I did get to hang out with, it was a blast and I can only hope to do it all over again next year! Just hope I end up taking my pants off the next time around…

Big thanks to anyone and everyone I met and hung out with this past weekend! It was a blast and it makes me want to do it again next year. Hopefully, with some better planning (or planning in general) I’ll be able to come out to Viva Las Vegas 17!

Until the next time, folks.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!


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  1. that was a fuckin awesome read! hahaha!..imagine what woulda happend if i didn’t go upstairs and pass out….(shiver)…

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