Video: Blowdrying a Pompadour.

Long time no updates and no videos!

Finally got some time to make a quick video, showing y’all how you can get a bigger and fuller pomp with a simple blowdry styling technique, all while using a light pomade! I’ve gotten several requests to do so, so why not? Hope y’all dig it!


4 responses to “Video: Blowdrying a Pompadour.

  1. Hey dude!

    I have been obsessing over your posts and pomade reviews for the last few days!

    Do you have any advice for a curly haired motherfucker like myself? I sort of have the typical white dude with curly dark hair look going, but I cut it into a side-part. Would you suggest blow drying my top to make it more straight? Also what pomade would you suggest that is strong enough to hold and mold curly hair? I use Murrays Bee’s Wax right now, but it kinda makes my hair wavy.


    • Hey Luca,

      Glad you’re digging it!

      I think you’d be ok with Dax Wave & Groom. You can use a blowdryer to blowdry your hair straight back, to help straighten it (somewhat) and train your hair to flow backwards. I know a lot of curly headed folks found Wave & Groom to work well for them, so it wouldn’t hurt giving it a shot.

      – Jan

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