Recent Haircuts.

This past month, I’ve taken quite a few requests for pompadour haircuts. While my skill level is no where near Hawleywood’s, Schorem, or Mr. Ducktail’s barbering skills, I know it takes time and practice to get up there… Well, A LOT of time and practice! Regardless, here are a few recent cuts that I’m not ashamed of, and hopefully you folks aren’t, either! C&C always welcomed.

Big thanks for the support, I most definitely appreciate it. If you’re in the Bay Area, Ca and want to schedule a haircut, shoot me an email: Also include what pomade you want me to use on you! And yes, I’ll whip out the good ol’ Dixie Peach and Mr. Ducktail’s for ya! Or even a custom cocktail, depending on your needs!





13 responses to “Recent Haircuts.

  1. Nice cuts! I’ve been strongly considering going to barber college, but I’m kinda hesitant because I have no hair cutting experience whatsoever.

    • Hey Corey,

      Don’t worry man, I didn’t have any cutting experience whatsoever! Well, aside from just buzzing a buddies mohawk… ONCE…

      Trust me, you’ll learn a lot and if you apply yourself, you’ll learn more than barber college could possibly offer.

      Email me for any questions in regards to school.

      – Jan

  2. Look great! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, lots of great information. I play guitar in a 50s tribute band, we are still rehearsing and getting our repetoire down, but we will be wearing vintage clothes when we perform and I will be sporting a classic pomp. I plan to hit one of the old school barber shops here to get an authentic pomp, and I’ve been checking out your reviews for the perfect (for me) pomades. Thanks!

  3. damm bro real nice haircuts :D, keep up the good work.

  4. Just wanna say love the blog. It has been super informative. Quick question. How does one get one of your sweet ass stickers? Keep up the good work. Stay greasy.

  5. Very nice cuts. Do you know of any good bar era in the Atlanta, Ga area? Thanks.

  6. Looking good! Do you happen to know any good barbers in the NYC area?

    • Hey David,


      Check out Frank’s Chop Shop. I know they’re relatively popular and are really good with cuts. I’m not sure how their pompadour cuts are, but I know they’re a solid barbershop, and should be able to give you what you’re looking for. Just bring in a picture of what you want.

      – Jan

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