Pomade Review: Steel Toe Pomade

One thing I’ve liked about having my blog, was that it wasn’t limited to just the rockabilly cats. I know it’s been utilized by barbers, stylists, shops, models, gentlemen, ladies, and the list goes on and on and on. But, there’s another scene that’s taken a liking (at least I think a liking) to my blog, and that’s the hardcore/straight edge scene.

Was it surprising? Not really. Was it surprising that a straight edge cat would make a pomade? No. So, when Tanner Swift of Redeemer emailed me about his pomade, of course I had to try it out! I know a lot of hardcore kids like to stay slicked and want that pomade that’s made just for “them,” so, here’s that pomade!

Getting the can, the label design is clean and simple: A red boarder, reading “Steel Toe” on top and “Pomade” on the bottom, and a Popeye The Sailor aesthetic cat with a pomp and (steel toe boots,) with two anchors to the left and right of him. Now, I know a lot of older folks have been perplexed by this design. I won’t say why, but I’ll let you folks have your way in the comment section.

Opening it up, you see a nice pale, creamy looking pomade. Right out of the can, you get a strong scent of clover.


Now, Tanner was hesitant about emailing me, as he’s taken note of my distaste for wax-like “pomades.” Prior to receiving the pomade, he told me that the pomade was a lot waxier than most, and to be honest with the review, whether I liked it or not… Well, that’s what y’all dig, right? Honest reviews? And if anyone wants to say my reviews have been anything but honest, speak up now, or forever hold your peace!

Now, for the moment of truth…

As I’m prepping to scoop this stuff out, I got my fingers in The Claw mode and was ready to dive right in. To my surprise, it didn’t take all that much effort, and I ended up digging a whole lot of it out! Yeah, thanks for the “warning,” Tanner!


Surprisingly, this stuff wasn’t as waxy as I had imagined. Yes, it has a waxier base, as do a lot of home-brewed pomades go, but this one had a bit different texture to it- it was waxy, but as soon as you rubbed it in your palms, it melts away. This made it a lot easier to spread thoroughly into your hair, which is definitely nice.

After spreading it in my hair, combing it up was pretty smooth. The way it softens up, allows you to comb through with ease, without much of a drag or pull. While it isn’t waxy enough to make my waxy hair lay stick straight, it didn’t make my hair waxy like some products with similar textures.

Styling a pomp with this stuff isn’t a struggle at all. It combs through like a pomade, and holds your hair in place like a wax. Surprisingly, it held up really well in the heat! I mean, I drove down the freeway with my windows down and hair pomp’d high on a hot day, and the only hairs that got moved out of place was at my left temple, because it’s closest to the window; all the other hairs stayed in place! My pomp did not even split.


Once it settles, you get left with a slightly matte finish. It’s not entirely matte, as seen above, but it doesn’t have the sheen you’d get from regular petrolatum pomade, due to the waxier base. I know there’s a few of you that want something strong like some of the other pomades on the market, but don’t like the petrolatum/greasy sheen you get from em; so this may be right up your alley!

Overall, I have to say I’m really impressed with Steel Toe Pomade. Tanner definitely did his homework. For you cats liking wax-like holding products, but not the overly waxy texture, this stuff would definitely be choice. It’s strong enough to keep my wavy hair looking good, but not too waxy to make straight hair shoot straight out. The winning factor for me was the type if hold it offers, plus, it not being like what Tanner had “warned” me about. Maybe he intentionally made his pomade sound ‘bad’? Just kidding…

Big thanks again to Tanner. Real sorry for the late review, man!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!

4 responses to “Pomade Review: Steel Toe Pomade

  1. Double whammy. New pomade to try and a new band to dig. Love it!

  2. Hey Jan, is this pomade easy to wash out? I’ve been using Murray’s but that shit’s been killing me. Before that I used the American Crew stuff but it sucked, then I went with hairspray and the American Crew Grooming cream. Would you recommend something other than this? I’m styling a side part until my hair is long enough for an undercut.

    • Yugen,

      It’s not the easiest to wash out due to the waxier consistency, but it doesn’t take more than a good shampoo to wash it all out. You should be good with this stuff.

      – Jan

  3. Dear the rebel rouser. Im your blog reader from Indonesia, and i also interest in pompadour hairstyle. Lookin up ur overview about Steeltoe Pomade im kinda curious bout this stuff. Tryin to find steel toe in my country but i cant find any. I need ur help actualy to find me one. Would u like to? It would be nice and im very thankful of that. Just contact me through email at Rivan.onces@gmail.com

    Thanks for the very nice info
    Best Regard

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