Guest Blogging: Top 5 Pomades

I’ve been asked by a number of bloggers to “guest post” on their sites. For me, it’s more than flattering… I mean, why me??? Haha. Especially for some of these blogs, they make mine look like your reading out of a notebook. But, I guess that’s what folks dig about my blog, right? The originality? Anyways…

Though I haven’t done any guest blogging in the past, I didn’t pass this one up. Frank has given me some great tips, to aid my barber school journey, so why not show some appreciation by guest blogging?

The topic is “top 5 pomades,” and I’m sure you folks would want to know what my top 5 are, right?

So click here to swing by Frankie The Barbers blog, to check out my top 5 pomades! I’m sure you’ll dig it!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!


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