Update: 7/11/2012

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks! I know, I know, got the same ol’ excuses, but this time I’m serious!

As most of you know, I’ve been going to barber college and it has taken up a majority of my time. Whatever “free time” I have, I spend it with my kid. And the spare time I had, last week, I was sick… Go figure.

But, to show you guys what I’ve been up to, here’s a video showing how I’m practicing styling a pompadour. And yes, this is a live update, as I’m posting this from school!

Hope y’all dig it. Big thanks for the patience y’all have already given me and will continue to give, until I get the chance to give y’all pomade reviews I owe you!

Apologies for the ending. Apparently, I couldn’t turn the camera around while filming!


6 responses to “Update: 7/11/2012

  1. We’re still hanging around Jan! You’re little girl is way more important than the blog.

  2. Nice job. Did You put Pomade in the hair before You blow dry the hair?

  3. Hey jan!
    Sorry but I wanted to ask you something
    I’ve been losing a few hairs 5 or 6 , everyday and some more thru out the day ? I wash my hair everyday and I use suavecito most of the time and Dax wave and groom once a week? Should I stop ? Using pomade , I haven’t notice and hair loss on my hairline yet, I read your article on genes and hair loss but I just want to vertify it with you ,much thanks!

    • Don’t wash your hair with shampoo every day, but it is ok to use conditioner every day.

      Just make sure you’re not letting the pomade sit on your scalp for extended periods of time.

      – Jan

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