Pomade Review: Tres Flores

When I first started buying pomades, I was told that this stuff, for a lack of better words, sucked. So, I’ve held off buying it for the longest time. I’ve considered it several times just for the sake of reviewing it, but, never did. But, I caved in and bought it. I know it’s a classic in the Hispanic community. But I mean, it’s not like there’s a lot of Hispanics into rockabilly! (Obviously I’m kidding.) So, let’s see how this stuff fares for my thick and wavy hair!

In its iconic plastic container with a green lid and red label, it’s easy to spot this stuff on the shelves of any store. Around my area, this stuff was rather expensive. I’m talking $6.00 expensive. Why it’s so much? I have no damn clue. So when I found it for $3.00, it was an obvious buy.

Opening it up, you get that scent that everyone talks about, flowers. Yes, this stuff smells really damn good, I should’ve probably bought it a long time ago just for that! Let’s just hope the lovely Latinas flock to me like honeybees. I’m just kidding… No, seriously, I love y’all. COME TO ME!!!

Just as everyone said, this stuff is light and greasy. So getting it out of the container was a breeze. A nice smelling, greasy breeze.

Running this stuff through your hair is like any other light pomade or hair dressing. It goes in and stays in. Being light and greasy is how everyone described this stuff to me (it is a grease after all!,) so I never expected any sort of hold. I thought it would just plop my hair down, make it overly wavy, and just make a mess of things. Surprisingly, it did the opposite!

I cut my hair a bit shorter this time, just so I didn’t have to maintain my ducktail every two weeks. My hair grows really damn fast! So, I’m taking my shorter hair into consideration with this stuff. With my longer hair, I’m sure it would’ve held it down as expected. But, with my hair being slightly shorter, I was able to get some decent height with this stuff. Take a look:

To my surprise, this didn’t make my hair wavy like I expected. It actually made my hair manageable, allowing me to slick a nice pomp. The hold was also stronger than I thought. While it is light and greasy, I’d put this stuff in the lighter side of the medium weight end of the spectrum, in terms of hold. It kept the shape and height throughout the day, and still retained it’s nice greasy shine. And of course, the scent was reminiscent aswell.

Overall, I’m impressed with this stuff. It wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be! It’s light and greasy, just like any old school grease, so how can you argue with that? Don’t expect to get major height with this stuff, but if you dig lower-profiled ‘dos, then you should definitely check it out. It makes for a nice topcoat, with the greasy sheen and classic scent. Definitely a product to keep on hand.

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.


13 responses to “Pomade Review: Tres Flores

  1. lol I just left you a message about new reviews… well never mind then.I gotta say. I’m latin and I’ve used threeflowers, it is a classic and that plus the amazing scent does bump up the price. Still, I wouldn’t buy it lol I saw online that threeflowers now has an actually pomade tho, haven’t tried it yet and it’s not at the top of my list of pomades to try but maybe you should look into it? I don’t know, I figure that the pomade may have the qualities that the brillantine lacks… maybe that’s what I’m hoping for… either way, you should check it out.


  2. the molding pomade is killer! i got some off amazon and it’s the best water based stuff i’ve tried…if you grease up over the weekend with dax or whatever, just use this during the week and after a few days the grease is completely gone. holds great, stays malable and smells good…can’t beat it.

  3. The molding pomade is a great product; though it hardens, I found if you run RC hairdressing as a top coat, it makes a perfect combination of malleability and shine. When you go to simply rinse out your hair, the Tres Flores takes out the RC with it. Not bad!

  4. Where did you find tres Flores? I’ve been looking everywhere ha on the hunt! I live by in orange ca, but no luck . I only found it online?

    • Hey,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I bought mine at WalMart. It’s the cheapest I’ve seen. You can find em at Asian markets, as well as Mexican markets, but they’re usually in the $5 range, which to me, is too expensive.

      – Jan

  5. By the way, great blog! You have been my go-to guide for pomade for a long time. A note on the price: You have to buy this stuff at a local latino supermarket as the price-gouging bastards at other chains double it in price. And the tres flores brilliantine mineral oil takes out your pomade fairly well in a pinch. Thank you very much!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you dig the blog!

      I know, right? Why not sell the product for a decent price! I plan on stocking up on it from Walmart, as it’s the cheapest I’ve seen! Even Asian markets and small Hispanic liquor stores jack the price up!

      – Jan

  6. You’re reviews are awesome. I’ve found so many different types of products to try and check for reviews before buying any to get a general idea a head of time. I’ve also found Tres Flores, Brylcreem, WildRoot, and Vitalis at my local Walmart all for around $5 or less. Along with Murray’s, of course, for about $1.50 a tin. Can’t bet a deal like that so I picked them all up to try and added a few cans of Murray’s to the collection for giggles seeing as I’m not even halfway through the one I bought 4 months ago. Again bravo on your work to help the common pompers find new pomades and so forth to try.

  7. How would you compare the hold of this to say… Dixie Peach. I actually just got some Dixie Peach (hell yea) and even though I generally use heavier pomades, I loveeeee it. What’s the hold like comparatively?

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