Video: Styling with Light Pomade & Boar Hair Brush.

After several requests for more videos, I got down and did one. Well… three… More like two and a half, but that’s besides the point. VIDEOS!!!

Video 1: A lot of people highly favor heavy pomades over anything lighter, at least when it comes to hold and styling, and when I started out, I had to agree. But, I’ve learned a couple of tricks here and there, which made me come to love light pomades as is. I mean, it is what they used in-the-day! So, hopefully this little trick will help you cats feel the same!

Video 1.5: This video is just a follow up from video 1, showing that the trick indeed does work! I went out for a couple of hours to run some errands. The day was hot, the windows were rolled down to catch a cool breeze, and the hair held nicely! And no, I did not recomb the pomp!

Video 2: In other videos and posts, I’ve mentioned that the ducktail was one of the most important details to a pomp, that is often left out. But, I also left out this important detail- slicked down sides! With a comb and a brush, you can only get the sides slicked down so much. But if you want your sides lookin’ super slicked, you might wanna invest in a nice boar hair brush! And please, don’t get them confused with badger hair brushes used for shaving!

Hopefully, you cats dig these tips and tricks!

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard.

10 responses to “Video: Styling with Light Pomade & Boar Hair Brush.

  1. still havent made the jump to petrolatum based pomades. might have to try a light pomade, though i have fine hair.

    • Don’t worry man. A lot of cats jump right in, can’t figure it out and shave their hair off out of frustration. Take your time, figure out what pomades sound ideal for you, and try em out for a week or two, before you make your judgement call. Over time, you’ll figure out if you dig the pomade or not and know how to use em to their fullest.

      – Jan

  2. When you mean WET do you mean like water dripping WET or just DAMP

  3. ive used more than a few non petrolatum based ones, right now im using imperial which works pretty well, but like you, im always looking to find that perfect one, or just try something different.

  4. Hey Jan, love the videos! Quick question, when you say to use something as a “top coat” do you put the heavy waxy stuff, style your hair, and then add? Specifically, I want to use Royal Crown Hair Dressing to add sheen to Dax Hair Wax…

    • Ana,

      It really can go either way, mixed or “top coated.” But yeah, by top-coat, I mean on top of the pomade/styled hair, rather than pre-mixing. It really depends on the goal. If you want to make the pomade more malleable, mix it. If you want to just add shine, top-cost or “glaze” the top with the lighter stuff for shine.

      – Jan

  5. Hey Jan, I tried doing it as a “top coat” like you say but I did not like it as much because the shine was uneven. Then I tried putting in the Dax, combing it back, then rubbed in the RC and combed that through, and then styled. It turned out awesome and held up well!

  6. For some reason, I used this method and my hair just became super wavy. I hate that. I haven’t been able to figure out. In your experience, what is the best way to cut out the wavy-ness (for lack fo better term)?

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