Pomade Review: SCurl 360 Style Wave Control Pomade

Every time I’ve seen this pomade, I’ve seen it in its plastic container. And for me, I prefer the tins over the plastic containers. So, when I spotted a few of these metal tins, I knew I just had to pick them up. It didn’t help that my buddy Rusty showed me how this stuff works in his hair, which convinced me to look for this stuff. And by the way, his hair was lookin’ proper!

As I said, this is a product that you’ll usually find in the plastic container. But, if you happen to find it in the tin, why not pick it up? It’s readily available like Murray’s, so you should be able to find this stuff at a local grocery or drug store. Either way, both version of the containers are two-toned blue. It subtly sits on the shelf, but pops out amongst the rest of the products around it.

Opening it up is what discouraged me for the longest time, and chances are, discouraged most of you as well. When you look at it, you see a creamy lookin’ paste. Now, we all want that greasy shit- I would know, that’s what I dig! So when we come across stuff like this, it’s real easy to pass up. But, you’d be surprised when you actually scoop this stuff out!

As I said, you see a ‘creamy lookin’ paste.’ But, surprisingly, this stuff is the opposite of that.

Scooping it out, you’ll find that while it is creamy, it’s far from a paste or typical hair cream. It is closer to a hair cream than a typical pomade, but it’s rather thick and somewhat greasy, as it has petrolatum as its main ingredient. The scent is pleasant, yet subtle, like a baby powder.

Now, if you’ve read the tin, it states that there’s no build-up. Which means, you gotta be attentive when applying this stuff. If you use more than needed, you’ll comb it right out and won’t be able to comb it back in. Trust me, I’ve wasted a good amount of this stuff, by using a tad too much! And you’ll definitely comb a lot more out, if your hair is too wet. So, apply a generous, yet, conservative amount to damp hair.

Combing this stuff is real nice, especially if you haven’t combed most of it out, from not applying it properly! It’s real easy to style with, like a nice medium weight pomade, yet, it holds in place like a gel-type pomade. While it does ‘harden’ a bit, it won’t harden as much as the usual gel-type pomades would. The tin states that it’s “non greasy,” which is true, but you still get a nice sheen from the product due to the petrolatum.

Now, it’s easy to pass up these types products, because they’re not “what greasers use.” But, just it’s because the pomade is ‘what “real” greasers use,’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll give you the best pomp in the world, or even a good pomp! Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Yes folks, this pomade is the one that did the trick. And no, I didn’t do a build up or use any other pomade with it. This picture was taken right after I put this stuff in for the very first time. So, save your “real greasers use this and that” argument for another day. Because the proof is in the pudding and this stuff works like a charm! And if it keeps my hair lookin’ this good, well, you can figure that out for yourself!

The tin also states that it “rinses out easily with water.” Key word being rinses. Meaning, you won’t wash this stuff right out with just water. Since it still has petrolatum in it, it will still take a good shampoo to wash it out. But don’t worry, it’s not something you’ll need to take olive oil to!

Overall, I gotta say… this pomade rocks. Big thanks to my buddy Rusty for introducing me to it. I really dig it and have already put a number of cats onto it. It styles really damn well, almost without fail. It was strong enough to control my waves, but wasn’t stiff to the point where my hair wouldn’t blend together. Plus, it’s cheap and readily available, how can you go wrong with that? This is definitely a pomade you cats should reconsider, the next time you walk into the ethnic section of your grocery stores.

Well, that’s all for now folks. We’ve got a few more store-bought pomades to review. And hopefully, they’ll build up a reputation, just like I know this stuff will! Until the next time.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!

21 responses to “Pomade Review: SCurl 360 Style Wave Control Pomade

  1. Sounds great! Found two Walgreens in Albuquerque that carry it. Gonna buy some tomorow!

  2. I’d posted earlier (months back) that I was a total convert to Luster’s S Curl. I even recommended S Curl to a friend and went to the trouble of actually buying him a jar and guess what? He digs it totally. I’ve been eager to find out opinions on 360 as the design did put me off, but thanks for this Jan I’ll now be tracking down a jar from somewhere in England.

  3. great review bro, i knew you would like this stuff. thanks for the honorable mention!

  4. I don’t know if you have thought of doing this but I just made a batch of pomade at home and by far, I have found it to be the most natural and greatest work for my hair. I used african shea butter, coconut oil, jajoba oil, olive oil, castor oil and some jasmine oil for a nice scent. Once you mix all the ingredients with a blender for several minutes, you simply apply it. Even though the mixture is creamy, it works wonders—I kid you not.
    Quite frankly, I like to have some fun with the regular pomades from time to time, but there just ain’t anything like this one. It’s just a thought.
    Awesome site, bro.

    • Julian,

      I’ve tried to make pomade one day, didn’t have the “right” ingredients for it, and it sucked, haha. I plan on trying again in the future, since I have an IDE of what I ‘need,’ but that project can wait… for now…

      – Jan

  5. My local Walgreens has this on sale for $1.99! picked some up and can not wait to try it.

    • I picked one of these for £1.40 and I was very impressed. The hold is great and the styling is just fantastic, so impressed with it I ordered a 2nd jar and one for my friend whom I bought the S Curl.

  6. Gave it a try today,love it.So far it is my favorite pomade that i have used,great hold and good sheen to it.I have pretty thick hair that is hard to bring undercontrol but this does a fantastic job.I stopped back into the store and bought them out while its on sale.Thank you Jan for turning us onto another wonderful product.

  7. Hey man how easy would you say this stuff washes out of your hair and the best way to do it without using olive oil.

  8. randomly found SCURL 360 STYLE WAVE CONTROL POMADE in the metal tin today at a local grocery store. Last one in the metal tin. Had to try it. The consistency reminded me of DAX Hair Shaper (silver tin), but thicker. Since my hair has gotten longer, I have an undercut and usually slick back the top. This stuff feels good. Not too greasy. Ready for the stage…..Thank you for your review of this.

    • William,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      That’s awesome that you found it in the metal tin! I found three and already used up one! I plan on stocking up on more of the plastic containers, as I would definitely use this on (future) clients.

      – Jan

  9. Saw this the other day, it was in the plastic container, I thought about buying it, buuuut I needed more Dax. haha

  10. Hey mann I just picked some up today, and I was wondering, does it work with thick, curly hair?

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  12. Man, I’ve been waiting forEVER for my hair to grow back (I actually got myself an old-school mohawk over the holidays, complete with shaved-to-the-scalp sides!) I was at a drugstore downtown and picked this stuff up. I still need a few weeks for a proper pomp, but this stuff did the trick for a decent piled-up part. I was sort of expecting it to be crunchier (some of those stiff water-soluble things feel like helmet-hair) but it was pretty soft and flexible. Nice find, and thanks!

    • Turner,

      It’s been a while! Hope all is well on your end.

      Glad you dig it. It’s definitely become one of my favorites and I’ve suggested it to a ton of people. Hopefully Luster notices… Haha.

      – Jan

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