Pomade Review: Kustom Kreeps (True Fright)

Up next, is the last pomade from the Kustom Kreeps Pomade line, True Fright. To my surprise, this is one of the most anticipated pomades coming out of the Kustom Kreeps Pomade line. Being their lightest hold, I was sure that folks wanted to know more about the other two. But alas, this one got the most requests. (That’s not to say the others haven’t gotten their fair share of requests, but this one just had a few more!)

Again, amazing work from Nik Scarlett. Between the three, this one just happens to be my favorite. The grey face really stands out from the black and shades of red background. Any different color palette would’ve taken away from the design. So big ups to Nik for having good taste!

Opening it up, you get a pomade that looks like an orange slush… seriously. This stuff looks good enough to eat! And being backed with a root beer candy scent, it’s almost tempting!

Scooping it out, you might get the temptation to stick this stuff in your mouth, as the root beer scent becomes a bit more aromatic. To the touch, this stuff feels real greasy. And in the websites product description, it states that it’s similar to Brylcreem. But, how similar?

Imagine yourself (for whatever damned reason) being stranded in the desert, with a straw and a tin of this stuff. Yeah. You’d be goin’ to town!

Unfortunately, this stuff isn’t so much like Brylcreem. In comparison with the rest of the products, yes, considering this is their lightest offering. But in the hair product world, it’s far from it. Having a microcrystalline wax and petrolatum base, this pomade is considerably thicker and waxier than Brylcreem, which has a water and mineral oil base. And being waxier, means it doesn’t have the shine Brylcreem does, either.
Applying it is just like Monster Attack – easy. 

When I first applied this stuff, it went into my hair straight out of the shower. And as most of you know, that’s not something I usually do. To my surprise, it didn’t clump or streak whatsoever. Unlike most microcrystalline wax products, streaks are almost guaranteed when your hair is remotely wet.

Styling with this stuff is nice, probably my favorite out of the three. It’s a lot more malleable than Monster Attack, which allows you to style up real nicely. But, don’t expect to get a lot of hold. Afterall, this is their light hold! Unfortunately, since I haven’t had a haircut in nearly a month, my hair (sides and back) was too long for this stuff keep things real slick, but just enough to keep the hairstyle tidy.

While the shine pales in comparison to Brylcreem, it still has the most shine in the pomade line. But the shine is just not like other light pomades or hair dressings. Take a look:

Note: I used this stuff during the weeks before my haircut and a few days afterwards, and I got the best results post-haircut. But, I’m posting how this stuff styled my hair pre-haircut, to show how it works with hair that’s “too long” (in my opinion) for this stuff. 

Now, don’t expect this stuff to hold up in the heat, especially if you’re the type to go for height! But, if you like the ability to re-comb your products throughout the day, this stuff definitely allows you to do so, without sacrificing the initial styling shape of the hairstyle. And like the rest of the Kustom Kreeps Pomade line, this stuff transfers from your hair to whatever, especially in the heat. But I plan on revisiting this product in the winter time, to see how it holds in the cold. So don’t forget to check back then!

Overall, I really dig how this stuff styles- it didn’t control the waves in my hair, but it also didn’t over accentuate them. Now, personally, I wouldn’t suggest this pomade for cats with longer hair, it just doesn’t have enough hold to keep it all together. But, folks with shorter hair, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’ll hold the shorter hairs together nicely, while keepin’ things nice and slicked, just the way we like it, yeah?

Another big thanks to Calyn for giving me the chance to review the pomade line. It was a blast to use each and every one of em. I know I’ll blast through Death Grip this summer!

Again, it was a blast. Unfortunately, this just about wraps it up for the reviews for the Kustom Kreeps pomade. But, hopefully we’ll see more stuff from them in the future? Who knows. But until next time folks.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!


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