Pomade Review: Kustom Kreeps (Death Grip)

Next up for review, is Sourpuss Clothings’ Kustom Kreeps Death Grip pomade. Being their strongest offering, it’s only proper to test the pomade in the heat. Fortunately, right after the review for the Monster Attack pomade, the sun came right out, to give some proper pomade testing conditions. So let’s see how the pomade held up, shall we? (PUN)

Similar to the Monster Attack label, the color choices for this one is subtle, yet, eye-catching. I definitely dig the use of greys, black and prussian blue, the colors on this one are real proper! Image wise, this one is my least favorite of the three. In no way shape or form am I saying that it’s an ugly/bad design, but between the three, I gotta give it up to True Fright. But, it’s still definitely a tin worth having. Gotta give it up again to Nik Scarlett for the badass designs.

Opening up it, you see a dark grey wax. The scent is a subtle sandalwood, that’s (again) slightly muted due to the waxy nature of the product. It’s no biggie, as I know many people don’t want the scent of their pomades to mask the scent of their colognes.

Though this is their heaviest weight, scooping this stuff out is not a problem. It’s only a tad more difficult to scoop out than Monster Attack, but you won’t need to dig a quarter in it to get it out. Yeah, I know some of y’all need that quarter trick! It’s ok, we’re not judging your man-hands… Just kidding, we are….

To the touch, this stuff has a putty feel to it, with a bit of a greasy touch. It smooths in real easily into your palms, unlike some other waxes out there. So, if you’re the type who likes heavy waxes, but hates dealing with softening up, you may want to check this stuff out!

Now, applying this pomade, was a bit tricky… Usually, I’ll have to put extra emphasis in getting the backside of my hair coated with pomade, as I’m running my hands through my hair (from front to back.) I’ll end up with more pomade in the front than back, which is normal. By emphasis, I mean I’ll press down on the back a tad harder than the front hair, to transfer the pomade from my palms to my hair. While doing it with this stuff, it wasn’t exactly the greatest idea…

For you cats who have problems with coating your hair evenly with pomade, take note!

This stuff is light enough to evenly coat your hair while applying, and not necessarily clump up in one spot of your head. But, if you did what I did, and put emphasis on one section of your head, you’ll clearly distribute more pomade to that area. And you will notice it! Once you’ve coated your hair, it’s pretty damn difficult to comb any excess pomade out. So, make sure that you don’t make the same mistake I did, folks!

Though it has a greasy touch to it, you won’t get any shine from this pomade. Again, not a big deal, as this is a heavy pomade, and shine comes from the lighter stuff. Get it, got it, good. You also won’t get any stickiness either, so you may end up with a few loose hairs, as you’ll see in my picture.  Personally, I dig loose hairs every once in a while, it gives your hair a natural look and feel.

Styling was real nice. Even though it was a heavy wax, it was still malleable enough to allow me to shape my hair, instead the typical stiff combing. The back-end, of course, is a bit more difficult. But, who doesn’t have problems with that? Nothing a brush couldn’t fix! It didn’t make my hairs stick straight, which would’ve made styling a bit difficult. It’s nice to have a wax that’s malleable. Take a look:

Surprisingly enough, this stuff held real nice in the heat. Didn’t melt over my forehead, unlike Monster Attack, which was definitely a good thing! However, this stuff, similar to Monster Attack, transfers to fabrics easily. Which means, you’ll definitely have to add more the next day. But, who doesn’t already do that?

Overall, it was a definite pick up from Monster Attack; the melting in decent weather was kind of a downer, so having this stuff hold up in the heat, was definitely a nice thing. Definitely a nice pomade, will use more of it as the hotter days come! Plus, if you can’t just buy one of their pomades, you gotta collect em all!

Big thanks again to Calyn!

I’ll be wrapping up the Kustom Kreeps reviews this week with True Fright, which is their lightest hold.

Until then.

Pomp Hard.


6 responses to “Pomade Review: Kustom Kreeps (Death Grip)

  1. Jan
    Thanks for reviewing Death grip, I’d noted the Sourpuss range some time back, the designs on the tins are really eyecatching and standout. I always used medium pomades for about 20 years but for the past 2 years I’ve been using the heavy hold pomades so I was keen to get an opinion on this baby, just wish the colour was “Prussian blue” instead of grey, but it is on my hit list. Thanks once again for the review.
    You gotta review B’s Grease, it is awesome!

    • Hey Sean,

      The tin designs are pretty badass! Nik Scarlett did a killer job on em.

      I agree, if the pomade itself were Prussian Blue it would’ve been a lot more killer.

      Link me to B’s Grease!

      – Jan

      • I emailed you this some time back, just emailed it again to your Yahoo mail, but here it is a third time.
        “You gotta check out this pomade, “B’s Grease”. I took a chance on this pomade, ordered it from the Rumble 59 people in Germany, and I am not disappointed in this pomade. It has a firm hold and the smell is just incredible, I am typing vanilla, now when I type vanilla I mean vanilla like you have never smelt before. I’ve got good height to my hair with this pomade, the texture is thick but it is pliable and combs/brushes very well. The stuff looks more like an orange sorbet than a hair product. “B’s Grease” is made by a German barber but he doesn’t export hence me tracking down a jar at Rockabilly Rules (Rumble 59), the design on the lid is similar to that Beesknees one you reviewed but I don’t judge it as a rip off, this one is a pomped up bee with a letter man’s jacket an’ a whole load of attitude! There is another German pomade I wanna get hold of “Andy’s Body Electric”. What with B’s Grease and Schmiere it looks like our German cousins are kicking everyone’s asses with pomade, who needs Murray’s or Layrite whne you’ve got these babies. B’s Grease = wunderbar!”
        I can’t emphasise enough how good this stuff is, the only downer is is the size, 100ml as opposed to grams, but I’ve mixed it with coconut oil and it works brilliantly, this is incredible stuff. I gotta recommend the King Barber pomade, once again produced by a german barber who doesn’t export so you got to buy from Rumble 59, never tried it but if Schmiere and B’s Grease are anything to go by these German pomades are going to be total class.

  2. Mine turned up today, and yes it’s ace, a very firm hold but hey that means you need less, I guess, well the hold is great and even the matte finish isn’t to bad, the smell is more like tabacco than wood but even that I don’t mind. A great little pomade that I will buy again.

  3. Yo Jan,

    Thanks for all this. I have thick (like floss thick) wavy black hair. I also play in a lot of hot sweaty music clubs. This stuff looks like the toughest gunk you’ve reviewed. My main concern is hold. Murruy’s (the ubiquitous) ends up creating slimy waves and it stinks! I need maximus holdus. Is this the stuff for me?

    • Dan,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Did you buy/use this? Let me know how it was. Waxier based pomades don’t sweat out as easily as petrolatum based ones, so you should (in theory) be ok with this stuff.

      – Jan

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