Tuesday Tunes

Omar & The Stringpoppers – Rock It To My Baby


4 responses to “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Hey man, this is in no way related but, im 15 and have recently been inspired by the British Indie Rock scene to get a quiff. So I’ve been using Black and White’s and been primarily styling it like Alex Turner of a British band called Arctic Monkeys. I can get the style but I find that after a couple hours, it will flop/go flat/get messed up. Any ideas how I can stop this?? And also, any tips for what to do when it’s windy or raining, which it does, quite a lot here in the UK??

    Thanks man, great blog and by the way, I’ll be coming over to the USA later this year, have you got any great Pomades to recommend I look into??

    • Hey Nic,

      Black & White is a bit light and your hair will fall down real easily after a few hours. But, it’s a UK favorite and it’s just how the product is, it’s hard to “keep” the hair styled as is for long periods of time. The only way to stop it, is to use a heavier pomade as a base, then using Black & White on top. Something like Dax Wave & Groom or Nu-Nile would do the trick.

      When it comes to the elements, you can’t exactly fight against it. If you have a nice build up, you should be able to retain a majority of the styling, but Mother Nature will always win the battle against hair!

      Shoot me an email and I can suggest some pomades to you. therebelrouser@yahoo.com

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  2. Oh and also, I forgot to add, as a teenager, my hair does get very greasy every day, so got any ideas what I should do about washing it, or do I just stick to the ‘wash your hair every day or everyone will think you dont shower and are therefore disgusting’ method we teens have in the UK??

    • Wash your hair every two to three days. Washing your hair everyday (with shampoo) will actually make your hair a lot greasier, as you’re washing out the natural oils your scalp needs. Because you’re washing it every day, your scalp is working overtime, producing more oils, much more than you need.

      Just rinse your hair out with water every day and shampoo every 2-3 days. Use a conditioner every time you use a shampoo. It doesn’t hurt to use a conditioner everyday, but not everyone likes to.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

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