Pompadour 4/27/2012

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for shots of other angles of my hair- so folks can get a feel of what the hair should/could be doing. Fortunately, I managed to snap a good one today. So, I might as well post it, right? Hope y’all dig it.



12 responses to “Pompadour 4/27/2012

  1. The photo is aces Jan. The simple rule on where you are brushing the hair is to think about the direction you want your hair to go in, for example if you want height you gotta brush upwards, the sides slicked back and upwards, and always attempt to create a DA at the back.

  2. Warm Greetings Jan,
    you showed us this awesome pomp, but have left us guessing what pomade(s) was used!
    Would you please clear the air?

  3. look good man, you should do a post about Brylecreme or Hanka brilliantine, i know it isn’t pomade but still a classic.

    • Hey,

      I plan on it. I’m really trying to hold back and wait until I get some UK Brylcreem, as opposed to the tubed edition we find here in the US. But, I should probably do both anyways. I’ll try and pick some up soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

      – Jan

  4. Looks killer Jan, What pomade were u rockin? Also, your bangs look super long. any chance of a dry hair shot or is your hair all loaded with pomade?

    • Hey Joe,

      Sorry for the late reply.
      I’m gonna reveal the pomade soon enough! Stay tuned!

      My hair was pretty long. I had cut my hair to above my eyebrows. But in this picture, it was about to the tip of my nose. I’ll post a pic this week with my hair cleaned of pomade (as I’m thoroughly degreased, as I’m typing this!)

  5. Jan, great shot, and I appreciate your blog. I was recently deployed and spent my down time testing out a few products as I grew my hair out. Getting out of the military shortly and looking to enjoy greasin’ my hair up everyday. Thanks for all the tips and reviews!

    • Hey Ryan,

      Sorry for the late reply man. I’m glad you dig the site!

      You wouldn’t happen to be the fellow that posted a Cock Grease sticker on a wall, while deployed, were ya? Just wondering, cuz a cat I follow on Instagram (that was deployed a few weeks ago) saw the sticker and posted about it. Dope to see cats still diggin’ the grease while out there! Big respects man, hope all is well.

      – Jan

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