Pomade Revew: Kustom Kreeps (Monster Attack)

When people heard that Sourpuss Clothing was putting out a pomade line, people scrambled to the internet to look for reviews… not that I’d know anything about that… Fortunately, thanks to Calyn, I got the chance to review their Kustom Kreeps Pomade line, to give you folks the reviews you’ve been looking for! Well, hopefully…

Having three pomades to choose from and not knowing which one had what hold, (or even if there were different holds,) I just decided to go with whatever was at the top of the stack. Why I didn’t just check with them or look on their website for the product description? I do not know, don’t ask… Enough with the rambling, onto the review of their Monster Attack pomade!

One thing you can expect from Sourpuss, is bright colors. Oh, and black! For the Monster Attack label, they used two shades of green with a black background, which looks killer! Though I’m (generally) not a fan of the whole Frankenstein/Zombie design thing, I’ll admit, these tins all have badass designs. These pomades are definitely worth picking up for the label designs, alone! I mean, just look at it!

Pretty badass, right?

Opening it up, you see a semi-translucent green looking wax. Now, I had no idea what I was getting into; whether or not this stuff was waxy, light, medium, or heavy weight, was unknown to me.

Initially, I thought this stuff would be similar to a certain German favorite, but after scooping it out, I was pleased to find that it wasn’t. Having not known this would be their medium weight pomade, scooping it out would have me assume it would have a medium type of hold and shine, due to its semi-greasy, wax like consistency and texture. Once you scoop it out, it’ll feel like a cross between a pomade and a wax.

For anyone who was concerned that this stuff would turn their hair green or give them green flakes, don’t worry! It won’t! This stuff will turn virtually clear when you rub it in your palms, so you won’t have to worry about colored clumps or flakes.

Now, while the tin says it has a mint scent, which it does, but, it gets muted due to the waxy nature of the product. But y’all know me, I dig anything mint. While it’s not like opening a tin of Altoids, it still smells good! I fucking love mint.

Applying this stuff is like applying a pomade, yet, you get a wax like hold. Unlike most waxy products, you can actually apply this to either damp or dry hair. Good stuff, right? And of course, if your hair is too wet, you’ll end up with some pomade streaks, but nothing that won’t go away with a comb.

Though it has a wax like hold, this stuff styles more like a medium weight pomade, but still keeps hairs together like a wax. It slicks the hair down real nice and is very malleable. It has enough hold to get some good height in the pomp, but don’t expect to get uber psychobilly with it. It didn’t completely straighten out my hair, but just enough to tame it, to get a nice swoop. And surprisingly, it has a semi matte/gloss finish… Don’t know what I mean? Neither do I, so see for yourself!

Now, for the downside…

This stuff melts…

My pomp didn’t split, nor did it fall down too much, just lost the initial styling. Fortunately, the greasy hair didn’t just plop across my face, like what happens with some other pomades. When it melted, the grease seeped down from my hair to a bit past my hairline. For the most part, this is a typical thing to expect from a pomade during the summer… but, it was on days that were barely pushin’ past 63 degrees outside. So you cats who live in an area where it’s virtually warm/hot year round, this isn’t pomade you’d want to go with, from the Kustom Kreeps line. But don’t fret, we still have their heavy hold and hotter days ahead of us, so we’ll see how that works out!

Since it did melt relatively easily, it also meant that this stuff would easily transfer from your hair to anything your head touches. Which, for the most part, is pretty typical, so no real complaints there. But, this also means that this stuff won’t be difficult to wash out. Just a simple rather-rinse-repeat and you’ll have this stuff right out of your hair.

Aside from it melting on a mildly warm day, I can’t say I have any other complaints about this stuff. It’s definitely not one I plan on using during the summer, but will definitely whip out on the cooler days!

Overall, I don’t think this pomade isn’t suitable for the upcoming warmer seasons, but I still dug what it did with my hair. As I said above, I’ll definitely be using it on the cooler days. This stuff would definitely work for cats with straight hair, as well as cats with wavy hair, the only trick is, the climate and season- which is something y’all gotta factor in anyways. So, if you’re looking for a pomade for the cooler seasons or live in a cooler climate, this stuff will definitely do the trick for ya, regardless of your hair type. And if you’re the type who just absolutely has to wash the grease out every other day, but doesn’t want to go the gel-type route, you may want to check this stuff out. If anything, these tins are killer, why wouldn’t you want them in your collection!?

Edit* Big ups to Nik Scarlett for these killer designs. I know a quite few of you wanted to know the artist behind the labels. Check out her work here.

Big thanks to Calyn. I can’t wait to review the next one!

Until the next time, folks.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!


7 responses to “Pomade Revew: Kustom Kreeps (Monster Attack)

  1. nice review jan, i love these blog especially the pomade review. i have some local pomade product that i want you to review it, i’m not the one who produce it but just want to hear your review about it, so how’s the procedure to sent you the stuff ? look forward for your reply man..thanks !

  2. I have a question on the True Fright version … Im REALLY hoping you have tried it as of now lol …. and if you have is honestly like Brylcreem because the site compares it to that and i cant do a pomp with brylcreem .. but im thinking that if it is comparable to something like even murrays super light or something like that i could probably get by using it as my top coat pomade

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  5. Thanks jan, definitely will email you

    best regards,

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