Recap: Viva Las Vegas 15

Ahh…  Viva. Las. Vegas. What’s there to say about it? Even if you’re an elitist who now hates the event for all the newcomers who have “ruined” it, you’ve got to admit… it’s a ball. I mean, really, who doesn’t enjoy drinking with people from all over the world, hearing music we dig 24/7, and for us fellas, the babes??? I sure as hell dig it!

From waiting in that inevitable line for your morning coffee, talking to a burlesque babe about beavers, to passing out drunk in the afternoon, just to wake up and do it all over again an hour later, it’s safe to say that no matter how many years you have gone to Viva Las Vegas, you still won’t have enough time to do everything. While this was only my second VLV, it was far better than my first one, and I know it can only get better with the years and friends to come!

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I have to admit, the few weeks leading up to VLV, I wasn’t excited. I don’t know what it was, I just couldn’t get into it! So, after landing in Las Vegas and checking into The Orleans, I was ready… to nap! Ok, two hours of sleep, with a shakey take off & landing wasn’t helping one bit. Given a few hours to settle into vacation mode, it was time to wander about, get food and get drunk… Which I did, then I passed out… Of course, I had to get my hair all did before hand! Brought the proper tools to do so.

Funny enough, after this picture was taken, I snapped the tooth off of my pink styling comb! Right dab in the center of the fine teeth, which is what I use… Yeah, I didn’t get to use that comb for the rest of the trip!

My go-to meals:

I ate so much Subway, it’s ridiculous…

Thursday, for the most part, was a blur. Wandered about, ran into Wink and her friend Erin. Wandered some more, then ran into reader of my blog, Terrence. Big ups for the support, glad to have met up with you guys!

Judging by my eyes, or lack thereof, I believe I was drunk. No, that’s not moonshine or vodka in that jug, just water! But the way the water was swishing around the alcohol in my stomach, it might as well have been!

Friday, which to me at this point felt like Saturday, was spent out at the pool.

Trying as hard as I could to stay away from the beer, I opted for an old friend.

Half of this held me off for most of Friday. Well, more like shut me off.

This is my best guido impression. I think my buddy Gaetano took my posing a little too intimately!

Again, the rest of the day was a blur!

Saturday, was car show day. Which means, cars!!! And beer…

For Sale signs haunt me.

At this point, I was well spent! But, since I forgot to bring out some stickers, I headed back to the room, took off the damn shirts, came back out and dropped a few off at the Dax and Layrite booths.

Snapped a pic with Mike from Layrite.

My eyes are close to being shut, which means… alcohol was consumed. Nice to finally meet ya, Mike! Will definitely kick back a few next time around! And of course, he’s sportin’ a shirt from a badass barbershop! Be on the lookout for a posting about them cats, in the near future!

I figured I’d wander around a bit more, ran into more cats who recognized me from the blog! Fred and his friends from France, John, and snapped a pic with Christian and Brianna.

Nice to have finally met all of you! I wish I snapped a pic with you all, but believe me, I was… inebriated… Next time?

After the show, for whatever reason,  it was time to go back outside to the pool, where we ran into Wink, Erin and co. They have pics of me in pin-up poses. So, if I ever come across those pics, expect to see em on here sooner or later! After too many hours and beers under the sun, it was time for me pass out half way to naked. Now, there ARE pictures of this, but I doubt anyone wants to see em!

Instead, you get the obligatory hair pic!

My plans for Saturday night was to catch The Blasters and Tiger Army at the House Of Blues, then hop back over to the hotel and catch J.D. McPherson. But due to more than enough alcohol, we just barely missed The Blasters. Major apologies to John! I definitely appreciate the tickets to the show, but am sorry we missed you guys! We still stuck around to catch Tiger Army, and luckily, they played all the songs I wanted to hear.

Much better live than I expected! Glad to have finally see them live.

And of course, J.D. McPherson!

Amazing performance by an amazing band. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s perfectly fine. The room was jam-packed!

Sunday was another fun day. Spent the day shooting the shit under the sun with Rusty and Elaine. Ran into them all weekend, but finally got the time to sit back with em on Sunday!

Lookin’ forward to catching you folks next year!

Sunday night was spent kicking back with the lovely Lydia DeCarllo, who was first runner-up for the burlesque competition. Congrats! Can’t complain for her first time at VLV, let alone first time being in Las Vegas! Sorry you had to wait for us! Glad to have topped off VLV by hanging out with you. If there was anyway to describe her, it would be this pic…

Hot, right?

After talking about troublesome bears who just happened to be black, YOLO, and “pods,” it was time to head back to the room to pack. As it were, it was easier getting our stuff inside of the luggage the first time around. But after giving up trying to pack nicely, I just shoved everything inside, sat on it, closed it up and said “FUCK IT.” After a four hour power nap, it was time to check out, say farewell to VLV15, and head on home.

Sitting at the airport, I tried to dip my pomp into this head of hair.

Believe me, I was a lot closer than it looks!

Aside from an intense tan, I left VLV with some stuff…

Big ups to Rea, Don, and Mike!

I’m surprised I actually managed to come home with some stickers! I’m sure I could’ve handed the rest out, but at 4am, I couldn’t be bothered with doing so!

Overall, I had a blast! While I didn’t get to catch as many bands as I would’ve liked, it was a lot more fun meeting with everyone who digs the blog. I never thought people who dig the blog enough to actually wanna hang out with me! If I forgot to mention you, I apologize in advance! Don’t hold it against me, it was a long weekend!

The funny part is, everyone thought I was gonna be short and fat. Really, folks? Does my head look THAT big in the photos??? Be honest now, how many of y’all thought I was stout? I’m not offended, just somewhat shocked, haha!

Well, I hope y’all dig my little recap on the event. While it may not seem as eventful as some of the other recaps you’ll see, I still had a ball. Just wish I was able to kick back with everyone I met. Next year?

As usual… Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard!


18 responses to “Recap: Viva Las Vegas 15

  1. Looks like you had a blast! Take care 😀

    • Definitely did! If you ever get the chance to go next year, you should. Even if you make it your once-a-year vacation (like I have) it’s definitely worth it.

      – Jan

      • I sure would if I could. But traveling from Norway easily makes it a $6000 trip, and that’s a bit above my budget atm. But I guess similar events are going down in my nearer vicinity, i.e. Europe 🙂

      • Ah, that’s a killer!

        There’s definitely some rockin’ festivals out in Europe, that I wish I could hit up. Rockabilly Rave being one of them!

        – Jan

      • The world is still pretty big, man what can I say 😉 Thanks for the tip on Rockabilly Rave, though. I’ll definitely check it out.

  2. Damn I am hating myself for missing it this year.. I have yet to go for my first time.. I will definitely be there next year!

  3. Great bumping into you there! Looks like you had some serious fun!

    • You too, Matt! Definitely had a great time, but it still wasn’t enough. Definitely need to get a drink with you next time around. I’ll be hitting you up soon about the belt!

      – Jan

  4. Dig your blog man! Love all the pomade reviews.
    VLV15 was definitely a blast this year. My girl and I were planning on catching tiger army but due to starting drinking at 10am we passed out and didn’t wake up until it was already over.

    Anyways keep up the great blogging and we’ll see you at VLV next year!

    • Hey man,

      I’m glad you dig the blog! Let me ask you, did you come across my sticker at VLV? Haha.

      I know what you mean about passing out, man! I missed A LOT of bands due to it. Oh well, there’s always next time!

      – Jan

      • I never saw your stickers around at all actually. I found your blog as I was looking for pomade reviews and yours is the best and most complete. Definitely what motivated me to buy Mr. Ducktail (which just came in today). I am surprised at how small the tin is but pretty amazing packaging.

        My girl and I are already planning for VLV16 and this year we’re hoping to actually stay at the Orleans.

  5. Man, that’s a cool photo of you and Mike Clem de la Clem… Gonna steal that one, cheerzz for the nice words.

  6. Hey, Rebel Rouser…glad you had a great time at VLV 15. A buddy of mine named Slip (guitarist/singer from Slip & The Spinouts) was there, too. He also enjoyed the weekend…though my wife and I couldn’t make it because of prior plans. Damn. And that’s two years in a row we said we’d like to go but didn’t. Looking forward to future blog posts…and keep on rockin,’ it amigo.

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