Viva Las Vegas XV

With VLV right around the corner, a lot of people are doing a lot of last-minute prepping.  I know I am! I’ve got a haircut appointment in a couple of hours, and I’m going to go from my hair reaching under my nose, to being above my eyebrow. I haven’t gone that short in a long time, so let’s hope it works out for the best! Fortunately, I’m not leaving until tomorrow morning, so I shouldn’t be jamming my unmentionables in my suitcase last-minute.

But, here’s the gist of what I’m bringing:

Keepin’ the photo black and white, so y’all don’t know exactly what I’m wearing!

Pretty much got my bases covered:

– 10 pairs of underpants.
– 7 or so shirts.
– 3 pairs of pants.
– Black wife beaters.
– White undershirts.
– A handful of bandanas.
– A handful of socks. (Should pack more.)
– 4 pomades; Dax High & Tight, Stiffies, Black & White, and Dixie Peach. (I’m gonna add some Mr. Ducktail’s.)
– A fuck-ton of Altoids. (Y’all know I love mints!)
– 2 pairs of shoes. (A mistake I made last year, by bringing only ONE pair of boots. Of which, I am bringing again this year, but I’m going to go comfortable with my loafers!)
– A few days worth of protein powder.
– The only non-studded/non-pinned denim vest that’ll be seen at VLV.
– Stickers. (I should’ve bought more!)
– And whatever other toiletries that are not pictured.

I should be set, right?

If anyone wants to meet up, here’s a few gigs I plan on catching:

Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio.
Luis & The Wildfires.

There’s a Tumblr meet up, set up by Miss. Charlie, 3:00 at Brendan’s .

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys.
Duane Eddy.
The Polecats.
J.D. McPherson.

Remember, these aren’t all the gigs I plan on catching, but a few of em. So if you wanna meet up, just let me know!

Alright folks, I think this’ll be the last post until VLVXV is over. So, until the next time!

Pomp Hard!

6 responses to “Viva Las Vegas XV

  1. Hey Rebel Rouser! I just ran across your blog and tumblr account earlier this morning and have a new “love”..? (no homo) for your website and blog. One of the only sites I have seen that provides tips, tricks, & reviews. You sir got yourself a new life-long follower >:)

    Glad to see that the blog itself is still active as well. Nothing worse than a blog that runs its life and then one day falls off the face of the earth.

    • Hey Nathan,

      Thanks for the support! I’m glad you’re diggin’ it! As long as I have cats like you showing support, there’s no reason for me to give up on this blog!

      – Jan

  2. Super jealous. I’ve been wanting to see Luis & the Wildfires/The Polecats for the longest time but I don’t think they’ll be heading down to my neck of Texas anytime soon.

    • Chris,

      Man, I actually missed out on both of em! It would’ve been easier if I were sober, but where’s the fun in that? Just kidding, I’m sure VLV would be fun regardless, but ya know… “When in Rome!”

      – Jan

  3. Looked for you man… didn’t see you but pushed a ton of Bees Knees this weekend. Hopefully you aren’t feeling the same effects of Vegas that I am today!

    • Yo,

      Sorry we couldn’t link up! Glad you pushed the pomade. I sent a few people your way, so hopefully you get a few emails soon! I was dying yesterday, couldn’t get in the groove! My stomach is still depending on beer, burgers, and other non-healthy foods, haha! Hope you had a blast, man. If you head out there next year, we’ll definitely work something out.

      – Jan

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