Pomade Review: Beesknees Pomade

The cool thing about pomade, is seeing different takes on it. Whether it’s water-soluble or not, a few unique ingredients, or just different scents- whatever it is, I dig it. With Beesknees Pomade, the unique twist on it may be a surprise to many… NO PETROLATUM. Now, this ingredient is in almost EVERY pomade out there, even the washable ones. So, let’s see how this pomade fares without it!

Taking a different take on the pomade, Drew chose to use the flatter 3oz tins, as opposed to the stout ones we’re very much used to. If you want to carry some in your pocket, you can do so without having an awkward pocket bulge! As if you don’t already have one, when you’re at burlesque shows… I know I do… just kidding… maybe… hopefully

The logo on the label is one you should be familiar with, if you paid attention in history class:”

Here’s a little tidbit from the website:

“You may also notice the logo resembles that of the Seabees, this was intentional. The Seabees were one of the critical game changers for us in WWII, they also had some damn good looking hair while protecting our country. My mothers side of the family has a Naval background, and my fathers side has a Marines background. I wanted to pay tribute to their hard work which has helped to defend our nation.  That is why I pay my respect to them through my logo.”

Adding personal details like this into your products, is always a nice touch and definitely appreciated!

Opening it up, you get a dark-natural pomade with a subtle peppermint scent.

Scooping it out reveals that this stuff is sticky. And by sticky, I mean holy fuck it was sticky! Definitely one of the stickiest products I’ve ever used.

Due to its stickiness, it made applying the pomade a little difficult. It wasn’t able to thoroughly coat my hair, as it would get stuck halfway through, which meant I had to use another fingers worth of pomade for the back side. I know you’re thinking, “why not just comb the rest through?” I did and it didn’t work.

If you thought washing out pomade from your hair was hard, washing this stuff from your hands is gonna be even harder! I’ve used soap, dish soap, baby wipes, AND shampoo to get this stuff off of my hands, in hot water. I know a lot cats like to just rub your pomade into your jeans, I do too, but I wasn’t wearing pants at the time… Oh well…

Note: This stickiness comes from the lack of petrolatum.

After dealing with that sticky situation (GET IT?!) comes the styling. The stickiness gave some (yet slight) troubles to the styling. For whatever reason, stickier products usually give your hair some “bounce,” which meant I couldn’t get certain parts of my hair slicked down tightly. You can notice it at the top/crown of my head, in the pic:

As you can tell, some parts of my hair aren’t as “together” as they usually are. But other than that, this stuff is easy to style with. You can get a moderate pomp, but nothing wilder than that. It isn’t exactly a heavy pomade, but this stuff reminded me of Murray’s, in terms of sheen, hold and the way it made my wavy hair much wavier. 

The description of the product says it’s shampoo soluble; unfortunately, that’s not exact. I used two different shampoos on it and neither of them washed the pomade out completely. But, this stuff is water-soluble-pomade soluble…? If you managed to make out that statement, it means that this stuff will wash out if you use a water-soluble pomade. Funky, right? Since I’m getting a haircut on Saturday, I switched in a water-soluble pomade, which actually washed this stuff right out. While this works for some other pomades, but this technique works exceptionally well for Beesknees.

Overall, I appreciate the direction of this product, but it doesn’t quite work for me. As we all know, I’ve got thick wavy hair and need a product that’ll make the waviness more manageable, not accentuate it. If you’re on that same boat, this may not work for you. However, if you’re someone who loves Murray’s, but hates the way it doesn’t wash out, you may want to check it out. But I think this product would highly benefit the fellas with the flat, stick-straight hair. It’ll give you fellas the volume your hair is missing, to give you that badass pomp you’ve always wanted!

Big thanks again to Drew!

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy.


8 responses to “Pomade Review: Beesknees Pomade

  1. Love reading your reviews. And this was an interesting one. Never seen that kinda stuff before. Not for me, though. My hair is big, wavy, and bouncy enough as it is.

  2. Hey man, thanks for the straight review! I really appreciate it! Sorry it didn’t work for your hair, and I understand it isn’t for everyone, but thanks for giving it straight. That is why it was a MUST for me to get your review. For those folks that are Murray’s users, this is a great alternative to a petroleum product. Thanks again Juan. Much respect…


  3. Hey Jan, Awesome blog! Your always the guy i go to for written reviews about pomade!!! One ive been using is by a local barber in Dallas Texas called Rob’s Chop Shop! http://robschopshop.com/ He does an amazing cut, and so far ive only tried his 20wt, and it worked like a champ for my hair! I think im going just start using his line of pomades but you should check him out great little rockabilly place and awesome pomade!

    • Hey Cody,

      Thanks man! I’m glad you dig it.

      I believe I’ve tried to get in contact with him, in the past, but haven’t been able to. But good to know that his stuff works well.

      – Jan

  4. Damn, That’s a shame well in my opinion he has them online for $10 a can each 4oz, I think its worth it!


  5. Ohh hey… one more thing. I just released a commercial for my stuff on You Tube. Check it out when you get a minute. See you at viva? Thanks again!


    You Tube Commercial: http://youtu.be/xNdeWoEjXpM

  6. Wait, you mean to get this stuff out, you you put a water soluble pomade in addition to the Bees Kness already in and then it washed out? Did I read that correctly?
    Also, I have a tin of this stuff and one really has to heat it and spread it quickly. I actually now make my own pomade using beeswax and a few other items. I think the issue remains that patrolatum is really not good for the hair after so much duration. I don’t know if you agree.
    If I use Bees Knees, I just leave it in and when I finally wash it out, mix Baby Shampoo (yes, believe it, it does magic), Dax vegetable Oil Shampoo and dishwashing soap. This stuff is harder to wash out than Murrays, but it’s safe to leave in the hair since it’s all natural. The gentleman who created this is very cool and will answer anyone’s questions on the product.
    Your videos make me laugh and I like your humor. Thanks.

    • Julian,

      You heard right- water-soluble pomade, on top of it, will easily wash it out.

      The trouble with petrolatum products, is that people leave it in longer than their scalp can tolerate. They think theres a rule of ‘no less than two weeks,’ when it really comes down to personal preference and comfort. Some pomades I actually can’t stand to leave in my hair for more than two days, some I can tolerate two week. It all depends on the person and the pomade.

      – Jan

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