Pomade Review: Stiffies Pomade

For the most part, I’m pretty up to date with all of these new pomade brands. Sometimes, even before they’ve “officially” announced the release of the pomade. Yeah, I like to get sneaky like that! So when a brand manages to be undetected by my radar, it’s a big surprise, but a good one. So, when Zoey from Stiffies Pomade contacted me, I was more than happy to give this up and coming pomade a shot. Hey, can’t complain when there’s a good lookin’ lady backing the brand, right?

Upon getting the product, I was pleased to see a different type of container being used- a plastic one. I know, I know… we all love the classic tins, but ain’t nothing wrong with a little change! Personally, I see it as a marketing decision: when most people see pomade tins, they automatically point the “EW GREASY” finger (and with good reason!) But, for an up and coming brand, that’s not exactly how you want to be perceived, especially from potential customers (and non-rockabilly customers, at that.) Not everyone can be “greasy.” But hey, that’s just my perspective on it.

The cover of the lid has a cartoon babe in lingerie, with two banners reading “Pomade 4oz.” and “Stiffies.” Aside from the description underneath the lid, there’s no other markings on the blue container.

At first, I thought it was gonna be a blue pomade. Yeah, the color of the container tricked me! Opening it up, I saw that it was a very light-natural colored pomade, with a nice honey scent. Now, I asked Zoey what the “actual” scent of the product is, and she had told me that it is Sage, and that the honey scent I was getting, was from the beeswax. Depending on your sense of smell, be ready to smell one or the other!

Before scooping it out, I wasn’t exactly sure about the consistency of the product. Most heavyweight pomades are usually a few shades darker, while medium weight pomades are lighter (as this one is.) Surprisingly, this stuff is thicker than it looks!

This has a very waxy texture to it, but feels creamy… If that makes any sense…

Due to having a higher wax base, than petrolatum, this stuff easily spreads through your hair, yet, holds like a wax. Since it does have that wax like hold, it isn’t the most malleable or shiniest product around. For cats with fine/stick straight hair, this may not work out for you, since I know a lot of you cats already have problems with heavier stuff making your hair stick straight out. But, for the fellas with thicker hair, this may be the one for you!

Like many heavier products, it made the hairs at my crown (which form the center of the DA,) stick straight out. I was worried it would flake from wet-combing, but to my surprise, it didn’t. This was definitely a good thing!

The thing that really wins me over about Stiffies, is how well of a base product it is. Meaning, topped with a lighter product, it will give you amazing results! Since it’s not a full on wax, getting mixed with a (more-so) petrolatum based product, aka the light/greasy stuff,  it’s gonna give you the right balance of hold and malleability, something we can all appreciate! And mixing and matching pomades is something that a lot of fellas do, but haven’t found a real proper pomade to use as a base coat. If you’re one of those guys, you should give this stuff a try.

Overall, this is a cool product, with cool folks backing it. Had it been any waxier, it definitely would’ve tipped the scale a bit, and not in a good way. It falls nicely between heavy pomades and medium weight pomades. This range allows the user to mix and match with any other product, or use as is- depending on the user, of course. Big thanks again to Zoey and her hubby for providing us with some great pomade!

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard.


2 responses to “Pomade Review: Stiffies Pomade

  1. Can you review cock grease XX I have been wanting to use it,seems like it works.

    • Funny enough, I just bought some from Rea (Cock Grease) this past weekend! I still have a few other pomades to review before hand, but I’ll definitely be reviewing it in the near future.

      – Jan

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