Pomade Review: Tres Caballeros Brilliantine

Every now and then, I’ll stop by some random dollar store. Well, who doesn’t? But, I go in with high hopes. And by “high hopes,” I mean, I hope to find some legit pomade for $1! Having seen brands like Softee there, I figured one of these days, I’ll come up on something good. Unfortunately, that day hasn’t come, yet! At least I found something new, so hell, why not review it?

Now, like most dollar stores, everything is pretty much a knock off of something we’re all familiar with. Which, for the most part, can be a good thing. I mean, unless these plastic containers are lined with opium, I can’t complain about storing my Fruity Pebbles in a $1 container. So, having found this Tres Flores “variant,” didn’t seem like too bad of an idea.

The packaging is nearly identical to Tres Flores. It comes in a similar size & shaped container, with a green lid. Had it not been for the white colored product, instead of the natural colored Tres Flores, you’d think it’d be one and the same. And being named “Tres Caballeros” leaves little to the imagination.

Opening it up, you get a soapy scented, fibrous looking product. And by fibrous, I mean this stuff looks like it has flecks of something in it. Scooping it out, will prove just that.

While it’s hard to tell from this picture, this stuff doesn’t have a rich consistency like normal pomades. It does, however, feel like a thick hairdressing. But man… the texture sure as hell seems questionable!

Applying it was no hassle, surprisingly. But, remember how I said this stuff was fibrous? Well… take a look!

Styling was a surprise, it styled pretty damn well. Not too much of a hold, but just enough for moderately profiled pomps. The same amount of hold you’d expect from something that falls between a medium weight pomade and a light pomade. But, it comes at a cost. And even though this stuff is only $1, it’s not exactly the price anyone would want to pay!

This stuff, has shit in it! Not literally, but man… what pomade has little flecks of plastic(?) in it?! After trying to  blow dry the flecks away, thinking they were chunks of “pomade,” these little plastic-y bits just got blown deeper into my hair. Luckily, this stuff isn’t hard to wash out, but knowing that there are flecks of whatever-the-fucks in your hair, is something less than desirable.

Overall, I can’t tell you cats to run to your closest dollar store and buy all you can find. Nor can I say it’s worth even having in your collection, let alone in your hair. For a dollar, I think it’s safe to say you’re better off buying some spicy peanuts at the dollar store, than this stuff. But hey, if you’re ever in need of a “quick fix,” it can’t hurt to know that you can find stuff in a dollar store, right? Even so, pick up whatever else is around the pile of Tres Caballeros, and leave!

Well folks, that’s it for now. With VLV coming up, I’ll have time for one more review. I gotta have my week of preparation, right? Can’t get on that plane with my hair in question!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard!


3 responses to “Pomade Review: Tres Caballeros Brilliantine

  1. I tried this stuff once when I first started using pomade. It dont look to bad on u though

  2. Hey Jan, just wondering how many scoops of pomade do you usually use when you’re going to start greasing up, like with de-greased hair??

    • Cesar,

      I go with a hefty fingertip to start off. Then gradually add a bit more and more, until the styling is where I want it to be. The days after shouldn’t require as much grease, so you’ll be making the most out of each tin!

      – Jan

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