Tuesday Tunes

Ricky Nelson – Hello Mary Lou


6 responses to “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Hello , I am a beginner in using pomade.Actually i used it twice,but i have a problem.THe first time i applied to my hair it had a good hold,the slicked back hair has lasted all day long.But the second time it was a desaster.The same pomade had no real hold,and the slicked back hayr turned intoo a spiky one.I am using Black and white.The second time i used more.Srry for my english ,where do you think is the problem?

    • Hey,

      While the problem may be associated with the pomade, (I’ve had the same issue with Black & White,) but it’s also due to styling. What do you use? A comb or a brush? To fix the spikiness in the back, try to use a brush, when you reach that part of your head. It’ll let you hair blend in with the rest, much better than a comb would. Look into a brush, military brush/wave brush, or a palm comb. Either one will do the trick.

      – Jan

      • Thanks Jan,the comb was the problem.Now i use my sister s brush and it stays in place.In the future i will buy a military brush and several cans f other pomades. Can you recomand me, other pomades whit a medium hold like B&W?Thanks a lot Jan

      • The only other pomades that I can think of, that compare to Black & White, would be something from Hairgum USA. Either something from their Road line, Mr. Ducktail’s signature line, or the classic one. They’re great. http://www.hairgumUSA.com Let em know I sent ya, if you try to order some!

        – Jan

  2. Yo Jan
    Have you come across Dax Orange in the States? I’ve only just read about but never seen it in the UK. Currently totally diggin’ Blue Magic, it’s like blue an’ like magic for stylin’ your hair!
    Stay wild,

    • Sean,

      Nope, not yet. I’m sure if I run into Don at VLV, I’ll check it out. I actually haven’t hunted for pomade in a long while, and for the best. Do you know how much I end up spending, when I hunt for pomade?!? Gas PLUS buying the actual pomade? Yeah, dedication, haha!

      Yeah, I’ve been using Blue Magic as of late, as well. It’s definitely a great one… which means I’ll have to buy more… meaning… more hunting…

      – Jan

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