Pomade Review: Three Kings Pomade

Many of you already know, but man… I love finding new pomades from all over the world. Especially since here, in the US, there are just a ton of pomade brands and companies, so the options are endless, as it is. So when a “new” (to me) pomade brand from  another corner of the world comes around, I get stoked! And hey, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one kind of pomade, right?

Three Kings Pomade is a Brazilian pomade. This stuff is clearly designed for the rockabilly crowd, with its modern design and take of the product. For more information about the brand, head over to their website. But note, you may need to use an online translator!

The container is different from what we’re used to seeing. It’s not the typical 4oz tin, nor is it the typical 4oz plastic tub. It’s a much shallower 2.12oz plastic container, with a twist top lid. The only English you’ll be able to read on the label, is Three Kings Pomade Hair Dress, which sits right below a couple of pompadour’d skulls, with bow ties. And I must say, this is a killer design! The simple color palette of red, yellow, black, and a “stained” cream is a real nice touch. Even with the checkered (which I’m usually not a fan of,) this is a nice label!

Opening it up, you see a cool, dark grey, waxy looking pomade. It has a soap-y scent, which isn’t a big deal for me. While I do favor a lot of scented pomades, I do appreciate the toned down stuff. It’ll make sense as we move along!

Now, while it looks like a thick-waxy pomade, it’s actually… Sort of not?

Scooping it out was actually tough, which led me to believe that this was going to be a heavy wax. But, after rubbing it around in my palms (that’s what she said) this stuff sort of melted away into a clear, jelly type consistency… But, that doesn’t mean much…

Alright, so this thing went from:

– Scooping out like a heavy wax.
– Melting into a jelly.

And now…

It applies very much so like a heavy wax!

While it applies like a wax, since it came down to jelly consistency, it easy spread onto the first bit of hair you get to. Meaning, if you ran your hands from front to back, your hair will be coated from the front to about the middle. So, you’ll have to scoop a bit more out, then run it through the backside, separately. Funky, right?

Alright, so we’ve gone from a heavy wax, to a jelly, then back then to a heavy wax, so now… how does it style?

Styling wise, it styles like a lighter wax. You’ll have no problem styling in a light, wispy pompadour. You can get some height, but do not expect it to stay that tall, especially on a warmer day! But if you’re looking for something with a much stiffer hold, this isn’t the product to go to.

As you can tell from the sides, it’s a light product.

Using this stuff on both warm and colder days, like most stuff, the results will vary. But, a bit more noticeable than most…

On a warm day, I styled my hair rather moderately. Not too tall, not too low, just right in the middle of everything. As the day went by, my hair slowly fell lower and lower, until it looked as if I had absolutely nothing in my hair… For the most part, if your pomade melts throughout the day, you’ll still have something left to style with, even if you do just slick it straight back. But, this stuff, unfortunately, left me with absolutely nothing to work with, at the end of the day.

Now, on colder days or an evening out, I would actually suggest this stuff. Why? Because, if you’re out with the lady just grabbing a bite to eat, going to the movies, or just keeping it low-key, you won’t really be going for anything with an intense scent or sheen. You’ll want to smell nice and fresh, have your hair up, but not out there. With that said, Three Kings Pomade will do just that, in my humble opinion of course. And trust me, even on a night out, a pompadour will grab attention even if it’s not super greasy! (Now the toned down comment makes sense, right?)

If you’re looking for something for the colder nights, where sugary scents won’t even matter, this stuff would be something to look into. Hell, even for cold-rainy days, this stuff won’t flake up from water, unlike most wax or petrolatum based products!

Overall, this is not a bad product. Definitely not my go-to, but it’ll definitely be used, as the colder nights come closing in. Even if you aren’t into waxy pomades, but dig the design, I’d say the design is cool enough to warrant the purchase. Big thanks again to André and the folks at Three Kings Pomade!

Alright folks, until the next time.

Stay greasy and POMP HARD!


4 responses to “Pomade Review: Three Kings Pomade

  1. Speaking of Rockabily labeled tins. Kustom Kreeps recently came out with three new pomades, and I really want to try the heavy one, but dont want to waste money. If you get the chance, could you review it? I’m 16 so not much money for 7,000 pomades. Haha just sayin.

  2. Now it’s time for you to rewiew Dapper Dan! 🙂

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