New Year? New Grease!

I’ve had these pomades in my possession for a good while now, but figured I’d save them for the New Year. I mean, it’s a new year, might as well kick it off with some new pomade! Well, hopefully you guys are still into pomade and haven’t shaved your heads!

Got the rest of Steve’s pomade line, now the collection is complete! I’ve heard good things about these, so I’m stoked to try em out!

Clearly… I was a bit overeager opening the package.

Big thanks again to Steve + Elaine and co!

And all the way out of Brazil, comes Three Kings Pomade! They’ve definitely kicked things off right, with a real proper design. Big thanks to André! Stay tuned for this review, it’s the next one up!

Hope everyone had a killer NYE celebration.

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy.


3 responses to “New Year? New Grease!

  1. Happy new year Jan, an’ I just know you are going to dig Rooster and Goldmine. Try mixing the two (this is what Steve Hooker’s wife Elaine does in her barber shop) and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.
    The Three Kings looks cool but that is a small tin, what strength is it?

    • Thanks man, happy new years to you, too!

      Thanks for the heads up on mixing the two, I’ll definitely try it out, after I go through em individually.

      Just posted the review for Three Kings, so check it out!

  2. Just read it, good review. Shame it’s a small can, and yes I do prefer the heavy type pomades.

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