Pomade Revew: Black Magic

This is one pomade that has always caught my eye, but I’ve been turned off by it’s plastic packaging. There’s something about having a nice tin, that really draws me to a pomade. So, as soon as I finally stumbled upon it in a tin, I just had to pick some up!

In my opinion, the simple color palette on this tin is really nice. The silver tin, with a black rimmed lid, black and white script, red strips, and a brass lip around the tin. If this isn’t a kickass color palette, then I don’t know what is! The brass lip and red strips really make this tin stand out from the rest, it’s just that nice! Unfortunately, most shops only stock the plastic contained version, so you won’t get that nice brass detail. But if tin designs aren’t your thing, then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Opening it up, you see a rich, slightly golden pomade, with a very subtle powdery scent. Yeah, powdery scent. If only I had the actual fragrance names, I could stay away from using this description!

From the looks of it, it looked to be a heavy pomade – which is another reason why I was hesitant to pick it up. From my experience, a lot of these heavy pomades are really meant for black folks hair. It just works much better for their hair, than folks with straighter hair… that’s just the way it is. But to my surprise, this stuff was lighter than it looks.

Scooping it out, I saw that this stuff was a medium weight pomade, but a bit on the lighter end of the spectrum. On the lid, it says it’s a “Light Pomade,” but it’s still far from a hairdressing. Now, for the most part, I’ve had really good results with pomades of this consistency; malleable enough to style the product with ease, yet has enough hold to keep the sides down tight, and the pomp nice and bulbous. But running this stuff through, proved to be something different…

While still being in the medium weight range, applying and combing this stuff through, you don’t really get that much hold. It’s surprisingly lighter than I had thought it would be… Kind of a bummer. Not only did it not have too much hold, it also didn’t have that much sheen, which is something that most pomades of this weight range have.

Now, in the heat… this stuff… MELTS…  This is because shea butter pomades are a whole lot lighter than petrolatum based pomades, that don’t have shea butter as an ingredient. But still… with petrolatum as it’s main ingredient, you’d expect a bit more hold, yeah?

Overall, I can’t say I really dig this stuff, aside from the packaging. It’s not bad, but for my long, thick, and wavy hair, I need something with a bit more umph to it. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t work out for someone else. So you cats with the straight hair or considerably shorter hair,  this would definitely be one to check out – especially if you’re not in need of a whole lot of hold for height.

Well folks, that’s it for now. Until the next time!



5 responses to “Pomade Revew: Black Magic

  1. Awesome review Jan. Just thought I’d let you know if you didnt already that Dax put out a new product called Green and Gold….. On the can it says its a wax….. in my opinion it feels more like a pomade than a wax. Just got it today so I’m testing it out but for 2 bucks its totally worth trying.

    Keep Rockin Bro.

    • Thanks, Blake.

      I have a tin and I’ve been meaning to use it, but haven’t gotten around to it. From what I’ve heard, it’s the closest to an old school grease, from Dax, and is amazing. I’m definitely tempted to kick a few other pomades out of the way, to get put this stuff to use, ASAP!

      – Jan

  2. Do you know of a pomade without fragrance? I’m allergic to fragrance. (preferably water based?)

  3. Michael, try the White Rose Petroleum Jelly. Absolut no fragance, but like the name says a non waterbased pomade.

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