Pomade Review: E.F. Young Jr.

With all this grease I’ve gotten as of late, you can best bet I’ve been tempted to using em all! And I won’t lie, I used a good amount already! This pomade really stood out and I just had to use it right away! What pomade am I talkin’ about? E.F. Young Jr. and trust me, you want to know what’s the deal with this stuff!

When looking for pomade, most cats usually look for hold, sheen, and scent. More than often, we forget to learn the history of the product before using it. Luckily, I care enough to do the hard work and break it down, so y’all don’t have to!

Here’s a little tidbit about the history of E.F. Young Jr’s, pomade:

“In 1931, after having had worked in the barber shop for four (4) years, he purchased it from the owner.  He noticed while working in the shop that there was a need in the marketplace for a maintenance line of products for Black hair. E.F, Jr. began to formulate and manufacture samples at night in the privacy of his kitchen.  During the day he used and sold his preparations to customers in the barber shop.  The demand for his products became so great that he was forced to go into the manufacturing business.”

For the rest, head over to the E.F. Young Jr site and read up on em.

Definitely dig how this stuff has been family owned for generations! Usually, when we think about pomades, we think about when they were used in the 50s-60s, but never the history of how it came to be, in the 20s-30s. Hell, some even before that!

Alright, enough of the history lesson, on with the show!

I was very lucky to spot this stuff, because of its unique tin. Unlike most pomade tins that have a relatively loud color or crazy logo, this stuff was very understated. It came in a pale pink tin, with a nice, yet simple script in black. As well as a young black man and woman on the top.

 “A Wonderful And Fast Selling Hair Pomade.”

That’s a pretty strong statement!

Opening the tin, you see what looks to be a creamy textured pomade and get greeted with a sweet-powdery scent. Easily, this stuff has got to be one of the best smelling pomades around. 

The consistency of this stuff looks to be rather light and creamy. Surprisingly, it’s thick and creamy! Keeping the innuendos to a low, while being thick and creamy, this stuff spreads relatively easily through the hair. So now, how’s the hold?

The hold for E.F. Young Jr. is pretty stiff! Pretty surprising, right? Especially after looking at how creamy this stuff looked. It’s very malleable and can hold a pomp pretty damn well. On the side of the tin, it reads: “GUARANTEED TO HOLD ALL HAIR IN PLACE CONTROLLING CURLS, WAVES AND BOBBED HAIR.” But, I did end up getting a few splits here and there. No biggie, as this stuff is easy to style with.

Being a pomade with a good amount of hold, this stuff will leave you with a matte finish. It’s only expected, right?

Overall, I’m glad to have found this stuff. This stuff is a perfect base-coat; it’s not too thick where it can’t be a standalone product, but not too light to the point where it would pretty much lose its hold with contact of a lighter pomade. 

I tried to contact them to see if they were still in production, as it’s rare to find a pomade that’s still family owned. Unfortunately, the email on their site has been inactive for some time now. So if you find this stuff around, buy it, you will not regret it! I’ve only seen this stuff in two shops, which only had 2-3 cans per.

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard.

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