Proper Conditioners

Too often I get complimented about how nice my hair is, without any grease in it – about how soft and healthy it looks. Now, I say too often, because this should be the same for the lot of you pomade users! Unless you’re thoroughly washing out the pomade everyday, with various dish soaps and what not, there shouldn’t be any reason why your hair doesn’t look and feel healthy. When most cats shop for pomade, you most likely look for whatever grease and a shampoo to wash it out. Most guys think they’ve covered all of the bases – but there’s a step in between thoroughly washing out pomade, and re-greasing; conditioning. Conditioning your hair and scalp is gonna make a world of difference when pomping.

I mean, fellas…you all admittedly have more hair styling products than most of the ladies you know. But one aspect of hair products most of you guys lack, are proper conditioners. Now, I’m not talking about the in-shower conditioners, I’m talking about the extra products out there, that you let sit in your hair for a while, then rinse out. (Yeah, we’re going there!)  Personally, I feel that you should use an in-shower conditioner every time you take a shower. But if you don’t want to spend money on conditioner, then take a look into some of the following hair conditioning products, you won’t have to use as often, saving you some $$$.

Note: The following products are out of shower hair conditioning products. Meaning, you don’t use these while in the shower. You’ll only need to use em  once every-other-week, or whenever you thoroughly washout your pomade.

Hair Mayonnaise:

You’ve seen this stuff in the ethnic section of the grocery store, drugstore, or any beauty supply shop, but you’ve never taken it into consideration. I’m sure the name is a major turn off, right? Well, I can’t blame ya for turning the other cheek, because I’ve done the same many o’ times!

This stuff is exactly as the name reads – HAIR MAYONNAISE. It smells pretty much like… well… mayonnaise, except I wouldn’t suggest using this stuff to make a tuna salad. The smell isn’t the most pleasant nor the worst, but don’t worry, you won’t have to use this stuff everyday. Or every week, for that matter! After you thoroughly wash out the pomade out of your hair, just work some into your hair and scalp, comb it through, and let sit. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, and your hair will look and feel a whole lot healthier than you’ve ever seen it!

I know you’ll think it’s weird, but using actual mayonnaise to condition hair is nothing new. Seriously, many women have used your favorite sandwich spread to condition their hair. Fortunately, many hair care companies make Hair Mayonnaise, so you don’t have to put your turkey sandwich on top of your heads.

Shea Butter:

I’m sure many of you have looked up how-to-make-pomade and have seen some shea butter recipes, mostly on sites catered to braids and dreadlocks. Don’t judge, pomade wasn’t originally made for pompadours, so don’t put shea butter on the black list.

Shea butter is a known ingredient in many moisturizers. For hair, it works in the same manner. This stuff is applied directly to the scalp, which will promote healthy hair growth and help dry scalps. Many of you cats who suffer from dry scalp, you may want to take this product into consideration.

Simply massage onto your scalp, let sit and rinse out after 20 or so minutes. You can even leave it on your head for days on end, very much so like pomade, but that’s entirely up to you. I prefer to dedicate a single day to conditioning my hair in this manner, so you can experiment. See what works for you.

Hair Creams:

Hair Creams are sort of tricky, as there are various kinds of creams out there. Some are styling creams, others are and/or styling creams. Ones I suggest checking out are the and/or creams. You want something that has some focus towards conditioning, rather than just styling. Confusing, isn’t it?

What makes this type of product worth looking into, is that you can let the product sit in longer than most. Since you could actually style with it, you can go the whole day with a nice conditioner in your hair. Plus, it doesn’t smell like mayonnaise! While it won’t hold like pomade, more like a light water-soluble gel-pomade, so it’ll have enough hold to get you through the day, without looking like a slob.

Use it as either a styling product or simply as a conditioner, then just rinse it out as you please.


So there you have it, a few different types of products to help condition your hair, outside of the shower. While it may be an old concept to some, a new concept to many, it’s something that needed to be brought up regardless! And hey, at least you read it on a guys blog, instead of getting caught reading your lady’s magazine, right? Right…?

But really fellas, conditioning your hair is detrimental FUNDAMENTAL (Thanks Alex!) to having a healthy mane. Without taking proper care of your hair, outside of styling, you may not be so happy with the long-term results of your hair. I’m not saying it’s a definite outcome, but I don’t think it’s a risk any of you are willing to take!

That’s all for now. Until the next time.

Pomp Hard.


11 responses to “Proper Conditioners

  1. I’m a lil confused about the washing out pomade, re-greasing and outside conditioning. As far as leaving the pomade in and when to wash out. You don’t wash out the pomade out everyday correct? But, shower everyday. I use olive oil shampoo to wash out the pomade after two days. But, wash my hair w/water everyday. Am I missing something? Seems like a lot of shampooing n conditioning. If you could clarify I’d be more than grateful. I enjoy your blog and advice you are the expert on pomps n hair. I always go to your blog for pomade reviews n tips. Thanks! Any new vids in the works?

    • LJ,

      I don’t mean washing out pomade everyday. There are a lot of people who tend to overly wash their hair (with shampoo,) and are overeager to grease up, without putting conditioners into consideration. This is more for the folks who go weeks on end with pomade and those who overly wash their hair.

      I plan on doing a few more videos, very soon. I wanted to let my hair grow to a decent length, so I can actually show off all dimensions of my hair.

      – Jan

  2. “But really fellas, conditioning your hair is detrimental to having a healthy mane.”

    I’m confused as to why you put this line in there, as it kind of contradicts the article. Unless I’m reading it wrong haha.

  3. I get your point. After a few days of using pomade i like to wash it all out and put something like Brlycreem.. leave it there for a while and let the hair rest from the “ABUSE” of pomade.

  4. For nearly ten years I had six foot blonde cut my hair, and she always told me to shampoo my hair once a week to get all the pomade out and rinse your hair everyday under the shower, and she never steared me wrong with any hair advice, and she had long, long blonde hair that was very silky and she only shampooed once every two weeks! Basically you know yourself when to wash all the grease out of your hair, and once a week does it for me.

  5. Jan, thanks for answering my question. I wonder if you can tell the basics of hair care as far as washing n leaving in pomade. I’ve heard you mention to not shampoo your hair everyday but every 2-3 days to let your hair have a break from the pomade. And just to rinse out your hair underwater everyday. So, when do you use conditioner? Is it every time you shampoo? Or when you wash your hair underwater? Sorry, for all the questions.

    • Haha, no worries dude!

      I, and quite a few do as well, think it’s good to use conditioner in your hair, everytime you take a shower. Can’t go wrong with it. It’s like putting lotion onto your skin.

      It’s really easy to dry up your scalp, especially if you’re out and about, underneath the hot sun. Even at home. Washing your hair with hot water, can actually dry up your scalp. Which is why a lot of people will rinse off their hair (and their face/bodies) with cold water.

  6. So would you consider Groom & Clean a hair cream/conditioner for hair??

    • Cesar,

      Neither nor. Groom & Clean is a greaseless styling product, where as most hair creams/conditioners have petrolatum in it. Product wise, Groom & Clean is a gel, just not an actual gel… If that makes any sense. It still has a very greasy feel, just doesn’t have the grease!

      – Jan

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