Grooming Essentials.

For me, grooming is the most important aspect to a mans lifestyle. While varying, it is evident in nearly every culture – it’s a right of passage. It really is what separates the boys from the men. Believe me, the ladies know the difference between a scruffy neck-bearded hipster, from a guy who knows how to maintain his own sideburns. (As if the unconfident posture wasn’t a dead giveaway.)

If you cats haven’t noticed, a lot more modern brands have been putting out more goods, stepping towards mens healthcare. From lip balm, lotions, and shampoos, to sunscreen and mustache wax. Though they’ve covered a decent amount of range, they don’t have all of the bases covered.

In order to properly groom yourself, you’re gonna need the bare essentials. Sorry, but a razor, shaving cream, and pomade just don’t cut it. Face wash, body wash, shaving cream, aftershave, soap, moisturizer and so on. This doesn’t even include the hardware! Sorry fellas, you’re gonna need to spend a bit more money.

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Lucky Tiger has been around for a long time. Celebrating their 75th birthday, I think it’s safe to say your granddads and dads have used this stuff, if not, continue to use it today. It’s such a classic brand, even my barber (who was pretty much raised in his dads barbershop!) mentions their products to me every so often. So, if you haven’t already accustomed yourself to any grooming essentials, or are looking to change it up, look no further, they’ve got you covered!

More often than not, whenever Lucky Tiger gets mentioned, it’s usually about their Butch Wax, tonics, or Bay Rum aftershave. While these are all great products, there’s much more to Lucky Tiger than just that. They have a full range of products to cater to any mans needs.

After noticing the lack of attention to their other products, a few emails were exchanged and we were good to go. I, personally have been in need of a new range of healthcare products, so this was perfect timing. So as soon as the package came in, I used nearly everything right away!

Initially, I didn’t take the description underneath seriously. But when I opened it up…

Essential is right!

Here, we’ve got: Shampoo & Body Wash, Acne & Blemish Soap, Face Wash, Aftershave & Face Tonic, Liquid Cream Shave, Muscle Rub, and travel sized MSM Soap and two Liquid Cream Shave sachets. Anything and everything a guy needs to get himself prepped for the day ahead. To top it all off, everything smells great!

That green circle reads: “Certified Organic Ingredients.” So for you organic health nuts, this is right up your alley!

Right away, I put the Liquid Cream Shave to test. Now, I am going to do a full review for it in the near future, but let me tell you… This stuff is HEAVENLY. I haven’t used or seen a liquid shaving cream that lathered up like this. Each hair was up and ready to be smoothly shaved off, no irritation, no premature dissipation of the lather. Simply. Amazing. You’ll definitely want to check back for this review!

Believe me, this stuff is all necessary! With a proper range of grooming products, you’ll be able to have, and maintain healthy skin and hair. You already spend a decent amount of money on hair products, so why not spend a little more on some proper healthcare products? Your skin will love you for it and so will the ladies!

I’ll be going through each and every kind of product, later down the road. There’s a lot to take in, so stay tuned!

Big thanks again to Stacy and Ashley at Lucky Tiger!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard!


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