Pomade Review: Lone Star (Regular)

With the ever-growing market for pomade and brands popping up in every corner of the globe, it’s hard to keep up with all of the up and coming brands. Many of them prefer to stay comfortable in their small scenes, others take the risk to venture out to become apart of this dangerous world of pomade. And I say dangerous, because it’s much a bigger risk than the average pomade user realizes!

Unfortunately, more often than not, many of these up and coming brands get looked over by “serious” pomade users. Not only due to lack of reviews (I’m getting to em… ZING!) but also due to price points. For whatever reason, people can justify spending $20+ on a salon “quality” product from a company, but can’t spend more than $15 from an independent brand? Well, whatever you say!

But hey, what better way to ease into the scene, than getting a review by me? 😉

Lone Star Pomade happens to be one of those up and coming brands. Over the last 11 months, Chris Dallal spent time developing a water-soluble pomade that was able to cover bases that many pomades don’t; climate control and resistance to humidity. Right now, he’s offering a regular hold and a super hold. Both being able to hold up mohawks and pomps in Texas weather, you can only imagine how us California folks would do with this stuff!

Enough talk, onto the review!

Chris had sent me a sample of his regular hold, so the packaging is different from the actual product.

He’s gone the clean and simple white plastic tub route, with red, white, and blue detail and lettering. On the sample tub, the label on the cap reminded me of a baseball.

Unlike most, he went with a colorless product without an artificial scent. It’s a mix of new-school product with old-school, powdery scent. Something we haven’t seen in the water-soluble market, and definitely something I dig!

Scooping it out, I was surprised by its consistency… As we all know, most if not all water-soluble pomades feel like a semi-solid gel. This stuff however, has a gummy feel to it. The only other product I can think of, that is somewhat similar in terms of gumminess, is Grant’s Putty Pomade, except Grant’s has a fiber-y feel to it… In short, this stuff looks and feels like a thick rubber cement!

Don’t worry, it isn’t a rubber cement, it was just the easiest way to describe this stuff!

Due to its gummy properties, this stuff applies differently. Trying to apply it to dry hair, was nearly impossible. It would clump up, not allowing you to thoroughly spread it through your hair. Though this isn’t how I ever try to apply products to my hair, I know that some do, so I had to cover the bases.

I know a lot of guys usually apply pomade in their hair after a shower or as their hair is drying, and this product is made for just that. The wetness of your hair allows you to apply it with ease. It also helps give you that extra hold.

The gumminess is a major factor for this product; it makes styling feel as if you’re styling with a petrolatum based product, but with the hold of a water-soluble product. It also has enough hold for thick hair like mine or finer hair. Top it off with a classic scent, this stuff really is a great mix between new-school and old-school! 

As I’ve said, styling with this stuff is as if you’re using a petrolatum based product. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about flat edges or not being able to get your hair bulbous. Take a look:

Now, in terms of sheen, there isn’t much. As with nearly all water-soluble gel-type pomades, you’re not gonna get any high sheen. But, it doesn’t dry completely matte, so you’ll get a bit of gloss, but not a whole lot.

Overall, I’m very surprised with this product! As I keep mentioning in this post, the mix of old-school and new-school is something that really makes this product stand out. Though there are cats who want that old-school feel with that new-school scent, there are those who want the exact opposite. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t remind me of another product, is a good thing!

Lone Star is definitely worth checking out, especially if you want a change from the usual water-soluble pomades. Believe me, it’s a change, and a good one at that! Head over to the online store here, to scoop some up.

Big thanks again to Chris!

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!


10 responses to “Pomade Review: Lone Star (Regular)

  1. Cheers Jan for this review, it’s always good to hear of new pomades. However your description of applying the stuff to dry hair did put me off.
    Thanks again

    • Sean,

      It is a bit of a turn off, as I mentioned in the post, some guys do like to apply products dry.

      Now, I’m not saying it can’t be done, but to get the most out of this product, it’s “suggested” to apply to wet/damp hair.

      – Jan

  2. Awesome review. Maybe you could write a post soon about something you brought up, the dangerous world of pomade. Why do you think more and more companies are popping up? I just think it would be interesting to hear your views on it and stuff like that. It’d make for a good post

    • Thanks Matthew!

      The reason I say it’s a “dangerous world of pomade,” is because it’s a big risk to take, just like any other investment. But since this is one I pay more attention to, well ya know…

      A lot of guys think it’s easy to make a pomade and sell it. Some think it’s just as easy as mixing two different products and slapping a sticker on it. But they don’t put into consideration how they’re gonna market the product, competitors, similarities between their product and another, how much tins cost, labels/designs, scents and colors, distribution, wholesale, and the list goes on.

      I also emphasize the differences between a brand and a company, because not a lot of people understand the differences.

      I’m glad more and more brands are popping up. The reality of it is, the brands are comfortable in their local scenes, and don’t branch out. With my blog, it helps as A LOT of shops use it as (pretty much) a catalog as to what they should stock. Then there’s the general consumer, the niche pomade market, and so on. This blogging shit ain’t as easy as it looks!

      And that isn’t all!

      I gotta keep some secrets to myself 😉

      – Jan

  3. Gotta check this one out soon! Good review.

  4. Sounds like the type of product I needed to get me through my vacation this summer! Thanks for the review and letting us know about this pomade.

  5. i’ll def check this out. When you say powdery scent do you mean something like the scent of Dax Red Can? I love the way that stuff smells! Also the fact that this stuff is watersoluble is freakin’ awesome. Thanks Jan!

    • Mike,

      Whenever I refer to a “classic” or “powdery” scent, it refers to something like baby powder, I guess. You know know what I mean? That clean, simple and fresh powdery scent. Not overwhelming, but not underwhelming either.

      – Jan

  6. I’m wondering: How does this compare to Layrite Super Hold in terms of hold? And in terms of recombing to Grant’s LE putty?

    • Michelle,

      In terms of hold, it’s very comparable. The major difference being styling; Lone Star’s malleability being similar to a petroleum based product, rather than the water based stuff. Recombing is similar to Grant’s, since they both have that bounce.

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