Pomade Review: Tancho

Though I’ve found quite a bit of pomades, many of which most people have never heard of, it doesn’t quite mean I’ve seen all of the pomades in the world. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone has. But, thanks to the internet, we’re getting pretty damn close!

First of all, big thanks again to Alex for sending me some of this pomade!

He found this pomade on his recent trip to the Philippines. Having lived in the Philippines, I know how hard it is to find decent hair products there! But with his luck, he found some in a local drug store and brought em back home, and had enough to send me some! Having never seen this stuff before, is a nice little treat to know that there are some sort of “pomades” in the Philippines!

Not sure of the availability of this stuff, but if you scour your local Asian markets, I’m sure you’re bound to stumble across some. Puck had sent me a picture this stuff on a shelf, so I’m assuming it’s available in the U.S. If anything, it’s readily available on Amazon.

This stuff comes in a little yellow box, with green detail. “Pure Nourishing Vegetable Pomade” reads underneath ‘Tancho.’ So you vegetarian and vegan folks out there, this may be an option for you!

The container is a cool, white ribbed plastic with a green twist off lid. The white ribbed plastic is a nice touch in detail.

Underneath the lid, is a plastic seal. I think that due to the humidity, a seal of “freshness” is very much-needed on products like these. So, why not?

One thing that really makes this product cool, is its emerald-green color. You should know me by now, I dig different colored pomades. To match the green color, it also has a slight jade scent lavender with a hint of mint scent, which is nice. (Don’t ask. My balls.)

Off the bat, this stuff looked to be gelatinous. Not like the water-soluble gel-pomades that we’re all familiar with, but gelatinous like well… Jell-O… And it very much so is, but without that Jell-O jiggle.

This stuff is sticky! The stickiness helps keeping the hairs together nicely and adds to the sheen of the product. This is easily the stickiest product I’ve ever used. Luckily, it doesn’t make it too difficult to apply, but some people may find it to be troublesome when combing it thoroughly into their hair.

It’s not difficult to style a high pomp with this stuff, due to the sticky nature of the pomade, but it’s not gonna stay that way. The stickiness allows you to reach decent heights with your pomp, but it doesn’t have any real holding properties in order to keep it that way.

Sorry for the Instagram pic. Only one I had!

Though it easily melts in the heat, it still allows you to retain the original shape you styled your hair in. Just… with a much lower profile.

Overall, this stuff really grew on me! I don’t know what it is exactly, but the different texture and properties of this stuff really made me dig it. The only drawback, being the stickiness – the stickiness will transfer to whatever your head touches. So beware!

Well, that’s it folks. I have more reviews coming up soon, many of which I’m sure you folks will be stoked on! I definitely found some pomade that has quickly become a staple of mine, so stay tuned!

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy!


19 responses to “Pomade Review: Tancho

  1. Great review! Glad you enjoy the Tancho.

    My mom tells me that Tancho Tique, which I’m assuming is the stick pomade, was popular in the Philippines back in the day. I also did some research on the Mandom corporation and it looks like they have an extensive history of hair products.


    • Thanks again Alex!

      I’m gonna try and scope out some Filipino markets, to see if they have the stick.

      If you ever look at pictures of the Philippines back in the 50s-60s, it looked EXACTLY like America! I don’t know if you ever really took notice to some houses out there, but you can really see that it really (was) beautiful in the day. Too bad it’s all in shambles now.

      – Jan

    • If you read the box carefully, Mandom is located in Indonesia not Philiphine. Tancho is very popular brand in Indonesia. But many people in Indonesia dislike to use it because it is too greasy and have a strong parfume.

  2. What exactly does jade smell like it? This is an interesting find for sure.

  3. i find this very hard to wash off, any tips as to how to wash it off nice and easy?

    • Check out my recent post about washing out pomade. Either one of those methods would take this stuff out, with little to no trouble. I agree, it is a bit of a pain to wash out.

      – Jan

  4. thanks! checking it out now!

  5. Where exactly did he bought this?

  6. this one is the best, but smells like an old men.. so bad.. but its still have better shine and holds firmer than my suavecito i guess..

  7. You can get this stuff at any H mart in the bath and body section. Just picked some up and I’m gonna throw it on my head tomorrow.

    I think it smells a bit like the Clubman powder, ya know. Has that same WAAAAY BACK WHEN barber shop smell.

  8. Hi! thanks for posting this been looking for pomade products sold here and I tried alot of hair products (gel and wax) to achieve that Slicked-back hair but my parents told me that pomade really does the job well and they told me its been there during the time when their parents were young back then.

  9. I bought one from Watsons

  10. Hi Jan! I just bought a small jar of Tancho last night! Got it from Mercury Drug at around Php40. I was so excited to use only end up having a Pomp fail. (Apparently, my hair is still too short for the style :|)The pharmacy also sells Morgan’s Pomade. I’m not sure if you had already tried or made a review of it. But I wish you’d do. Because when it comes to pomade reviews, I think your blog is the most credible, if not the best. 🙂

    Hope you can do a review of Pomps Not Dead pomade as well. (Not yet available here but it is there in the States)

  11. I live in singapore and almost every small older grocery shop and some older barber shops sell this brand of pomade, in singapore you can pretty much only find uppercut pomade or Tancho.

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